February 2006

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What is Z-Wave?

  by Ken Sinclair

Z-Wave(tm) is a wireless RF-based communications technology designed for residential and light commercial control and status reading applications such as meter reading, lighting and appliance control, HVAC, access control, intruder and fire detection, etc. Z-Wave transforms any stand-alone device into an intelligent networked device that can be controlled and monitored wirelessly.

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Z-Wave delivers high quality networking at a fraction of the cost of other similar technologies by focusing on narrow bandwidth applications and substituting costly hardware with innovative software solutions.

The Z-Wave technology is available in the Z-Wave Single Chip solutions.

The Z-Wave protocol stack is embedded in the chips, and Flash memory is available to the manufacturer / OEM for their application software. For smooth product development, a range of manufacturing blueprints of the PCB circuitry surrounding the Z-Wave Single Chip is offered - including antenna circuitry and filters.

For more detailed information about Z-Wave, please see this pdf document (pdf 118k)

The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of leading independent manufacturers who have agreed to build wireless home control products based on the Zensys' Z-Wave open standard. www.z-wavealliance.com

There is more information on the CABA web site -  Standards and Protocol section


Developed by Zensys, a provider of wireless networking technology for control and status reading applications, Z-Wave is a low-cost, two-way, wireless mesh network communications technology.

Over 125 partners joined together and formed the Z-Wave Alliance earlier this year. The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of building products manufacturers and technology companies that believe interoperability and affordability are the keys to widespread incorporation of wireless home automation in new construction and remodeling projects.

More than 50 products are already available through electrical installers, mass retailers, online outlets, and do-it-yourself stores. That number is expected to increase exponentially by the end of 2005, giving homeowners the ability to control lighting, temperature, entry, home entertainment, garage doors, window coverings, pools/spas, smoke detectors and other elements of their household environments using a single controller. Products incorporating Z-Wave technology normally cost only 10% to 20% more than their non-automated counterparts, placing them well within the range of most homeowners. A typical home can be outfitted with basic controls for less than $1,000.



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