January 2006

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EMAIL INTERVIEW - John Petze, Marc Petock & Ken Sinclair

John Petze, President & CEO and Marc Petock, Director of Marketing Tridium

The recent acquisition of Tridium by Honeywell

Our customers should see a renewed commitment and investment along with the same great technology and support.

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Sinclair:  Why did Honeywell acquire Tridium?

Petze / Petock:  Honeywell made the investment because it believes in our technology, people and business potential. The company believes in the vision and technology that has been guiding Tridium for the past 10 years. With Honeywell, we are in a good position to accelerate our vision and expand our growth. Furthermore, there are significant opportunities to implement the Niagara Framework and our technology across several lines of businesses within Honeywell’s operating units.

Sinclair:  What do you see as the immediate benefit of this relationship?

Petze / Petock:  Tridium will become a stronger company.  We see many exciting opportunities that will enable us to accelerate the development efforts that have been underway on our product roadmap, such as lighting, security and the rapidly growing machine-to-machine market. We will be able to enhance and expand our products to better serve all of our partners and customers. Honeywell’s global position will clearly help us to accelerate our growth internationally. We believe the company will flourish as Honeywell is fully committed to Tridium’s vision of the Niagara Framework as a pervasive, open software platform for building automation and device-to-enterprise applications.

Sinclair:  How will Tridium align itself within Honeywell?

Petze / Petock:  Tridium will operate as a separate business entity. Our leadership and employee base will stay the same. The visionary team that conceived of, developed and delivered our exciting technology will remain focused on enhancing and pursuing broader opportunities and applications. Our strategies and development paths will continue as we have planned.

Sinclair:  Will there be any changes to Tridium’s brands and products?

Petze / Petock:  No. Our multiple channels along with the Niagara and Vykon brands will remain and will continue to grow with their respective customer bases.

Sinclair:  Will your customers see anything different?

Petze / Petock:  Our customers should not see any change at all. We are committed to maintaining and growing our relationships with every single customer and potential customer. If fact, our customers should see a renewed commitment and investment along with the same great technology and support.


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