Interview - June 2002
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The Advantages of Web Enabling Existing BAS Installations.

Web Enabling Q & A by John Neddo 

Question 1:  Why should a facility manager want a web-interface for their Building Automation System? 

Answer 1:

Control Solutions, Inc

Question 2:  I know I need a web-interface, but I want to make the right choice from the competing solutions being offered. What are the criteria someone should use when evaluating different options? 

Answer 2:

Question 3:  What are the pro's and con's between buying an OEM provided solution versus buying a third party solution?

Answer 3:

Reliable Controls Question 4:  We've already discussed the need for a web-interface for our BMS, but the IT Manager is hesitant about anything that involves the LAN. How to I address their concerns? 

Answer 4:

Question 5:  Any new solution I add to my BMS has to be cost justified. How can I quantify the value that adding a web-based interface to my EMS would bring? 

Answer 5:

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