Article - November 2003
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Software suite for LonWorks Networks
It is aimed at small network integrators as well as industry professionals who want to access the reliable and high performance LonWorks communication technology.

Serge Le Men
Sales Manager
Newron System

New royalty free software suite for LonWorks networks
The market for LonWorks is in the main concerned with large networks for buildings. Newron System is launching a range of low cost software designed for small networks and the world of industry. 

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Markets other than the tertiary sector
LNS based software tools give entire satisfaction from the technical and technological point of view. However, they are only economically and financially viable for medium and large sized networks. For smaller ones, they rapidly become expensive and the license fee, a constraint. 

There is also a second question: industry or, on a larger scale, the "non-tertiary sector". Many industry professionals are looking for communication functions without necessarily wanting interoperability. They are seeking ease of communication between products in their range but often this is closed to other applications. 

In this case the networks are often small but numerous. Industry does not need all the functions and capacities offered by LNS, merely software products capable of installing, supervising and testing these small networks. 

Finally, the third question: access to technology. Up to now, complete software which allowed, in conjunction with Echelon's ShortStack, a reduction in technology access costs just didn't exist. Industry professionals often chose the option of a low cost field bus such as CAN and by so doing, ousted LonWorks.

The answer: NLStart
The NLStart range makes up for these shortcomings. NLStart is a software suite made up of 3 products: an installation and maintenance tool (NLStartMaker), an OPC provider (NLStartOPC) and a diagnostic utility (NLStartUtil). These three software programs are on a common hub and database which allows the applications to operate simultaneously (NLLonServer). 

contemporary This range is designed for small networks whether interoperable or not. License fees are low with no unit surcharge for equipment installed, which embodies several categories as a function of the capacity of the networks. It is purposely limited to a network of a maximum 64 LonWorks units but accepts any PC interface card with no need for special firmware. The NLStart installation tool does not have a limited license and is not under runtime. The only possible further expense would be in the event of software upgrade.

NLStart is the complementary range of software for the NLSuite, LNS: suite. It fills a market segment that for financial reasons, NLSuite cannot. It is aimed at small network integrators as well as industry professionals who want to access the reliable and high performance LonWorks communication technology.

Newron System brings to this new range all its know how as a software editor and its expertise in LonWorks. The machine interface is intuitive and offers macro functions which simplify integration, and reduce engineering time and costs. An expert user can access advanced parameters and by so doing carry out one-off adjustments. However, the most important point is still that the three system programs can be run simultaneously.


Newron System
Founded in 1993, Newron System has been committed to developing LonWorks® systems and solutions. For more than 10 years, Newron System has specialized in LonWorks tools and software. We committed our expertise to providing integrators an easy, cost effective and reliable software range. Our aim is to reduce integration time and cost and ease system design. We propose a complete range of software to manage, maintain and supervise LonWorks networks. Newron System has already for years focused on LonWorks technology and is recognized in the market as a leading LonWorks software supplier. 

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