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Lighting Controls: Current Use, Major Trends and Future Direction

Review and linked  Ken Sinclair

"Lighting automation is now becoming the rule rather than the exception"
Are you part of this new market? If not read this article to find out more. 

Lighting Controls: Current Use, Major Trends and Future Direction an article written By Craig DiLouie, is posted on the Lighting Controls Association website

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It states:

Lighting automation is now becoming the rule rather than the exception, according to a new market research study funded by The Watt Stopper and conducted by Ducker Research. The study found that lighting automation is being used in a majority of new construction and renovation projects in the office and school markets. Approximately 65% of these projects feature lighting automation.

The research was made available as part of the California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Lighting Research Program -- a two-year, $5.2 million research and development program that creates new lighting technology and products that can save energy, reduce peak demand, and reduce pollution for the citizens of California.

The study also found that specifiers and users are very interested in the advantages of controls -- primarily energy savings and energy code compliance -- but seek simple, low-cost solutions.

Four popular control technologies -- building automation systems, lighting control panels, occupancy sensors and daylighting systems -- are regarded as effective and relatively problem-free. Occupancy sensors and scheduling systems dominate.

Major potential technology advances regarded as most desirable include standard protocols along with plug-and-play solutions and low-cost electronic dimming ballasts.
Standard protocols and low-cost electronic dimming ballasts were identified as technology advances that would have the greatest impact on lighting control application.

"The top trends in terms of importance to specifiers and end-users is the adoption of standard protocols to enable lighting components to talk to each other, as well as integration of lighting automation systems with building management systems," said David Peterson, Director, Strategic Market Development for The Watt Stopper. "A significant upcoming trend is occupant control of lighting via personal dimming."

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