November 2005

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with CPRZ Team, Doug Smith of Richards-Zeta, Jeff Paliga of Panduit, Dave Clute of Cisco, and Ken Sinclair

Doug Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing, Richards-Zeta
Mr. Smith has over ten years of management experience in building automation systems design, demand controlled ventilation, facility management, systems diagnostics, project management and energy and cost justification analysis. This experience has been with industry leaders such as Landis & Gyr, Engelhard Sensor Technologies and Energy Savers, Inc. His previous experience has been in engineering and maintenance with major hotels.

His work has been personally recognized, with awards for his design concepts and resultant energy savings, by Energy User News (EUN) and EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), with recent recognition for a Bell South Telecommunications project that was honoured as EUN’s “Best Office Project” in 2002.

Jeff Paliga, Global Solutions Development Manager, Panduit Corp.
Mr. Paliga has been working in the communications and networking industry for ten years and has participated in numerous standards committees. He has also conducted various seminars on network infrastructure solutions. With a background in engineering and business development, Mr. Paliga has been involved with research and development, product design and marketing implementation that has provided a broad view of infrastructure applications, allowing him to remain current on emerging industry trends and technologies.

Dave Clute, Advisory Services - Customer Solution Manager, Cisco Systems
Mr. Clute has more than 25 years of experience in architecture, engineering, systems development and implementation of applications for the infrastructure management and corporate real estate industry. He is recognized as a leading authority involving the integration of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Integrated Facilities Management (CIFM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for large-scale corporate, government and military clients.

David Clute currently serves in Cisco’s Advisory Services group and provides consulting expertise for Cisco-Connected Real Estate and “Next Generation” building design for converged real estate and information technology solutions. Mr. Clute also serves on the Executive Board for OSCRE Americas, the Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate, promoting data exchange standards for the real estate industry. During his tenure at Cisco Systems, Mr. Clute has served in the eSolutions and WPR Global Operations.

Building Intelligence and Infrastructure for Connected Real Estate™

Richards-Zeta’s OMEGA® building intelligence platform, Panduit’s Network Cabling Infrastructure solutions and Cisco’s VoIP telephony, data and network storage solutions come together today, to better manage the buildings of tomorrow.

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Sinclair: Can you explain the Building Intelligence and Infrastructure for Connected Real Estate initiative?

Smith: Cisco, Panduit and Richards-Zeta (CPRZ) are each uniquely positioned as leaders in IP technology, and their combined strengths deliver upon the vision of a single platform to manage voice, telephony, building systems and data storage from one unified network~IP. By migrating building systems onto the IP network, owners and real estate investors can be more cost effective in delivering solutions to the ultimate end-users, while lowering the life-cycle costs dramatically and speeding the deployment of other IP technologies.

Sinclair: That is a great vision. But how are these three companies working together to create solutions?

Paliga: Cisco, Panduit and Richards-Zeta, together provide innovative solutions to real-life problems in today’s IT driven workplace, implemented seamlessly into an effective solution, regardless of size or complexity. The need to manage vast amounts of data, and proactively manage building and business systems has never been more important, or as critical to the bottom line.

Clute: Yes, Cisco, Panduit and Richards-Zeta, demonstrates how the migration from a vision of an IP (Internet Protocol) centric world of connected real estate comes together through infrastructure and building intelligence. This makes the vision a reality for today’s building owners, property managers and Facility and IT administrator. With this intelligent building platform, businesses can now leverage the strengths of IP technologies to further improve operations, efficiency and performance for a portfolio of buildings, or a single building. Selecting the right infrastructure systems and equipment upfront makes connected real estate future-proof. Richards-Zeta’s OMEGA® building intelligence platform, Panduit’s Network Cabling Infrastructure solutions and Cisco’s VoIP telephony, data and network storage solutions come together today, to better manage the buildings of tomorrow.

Reliable Controls Sinclair: Has the CPRZ Team done any joint marketing?

Smith: Sure, Ken. Since the beginning of the year, the CPRZ Team has been busy with several joint marketing campaigns and projects. In July, CPRZ demonstrated their respective technology platforms, and how today’s enterprise driven businesses can leverage the strengths of IP technologies to further improve operations, efficiency and performance from a portfolio of buildings, or a single building. The coordinated exhibit demonstrated how to connect to disparate building systems using Richards-Zeta OMEGA® platform through the infrastructure of Panduit’s rack, PoE (Power over Ethernet) patch panel and cabling solutions, and to route information using Cisco’s Catalyst series switches, CallManager® and VOIP telephony products to a user. This purely IP centric platform clearly exhibited how a company can utilize the IP technologies of today, to manage the buildings of tomorrow.

Paliga: That is correct, Ken. In fact, the RealComm show was such a success for CPRZ, that we also exhibited at the CB Richards Ellis World Conference, where Attendees were able to readily assess how the real-life situations they face in today’s IT driven workplace can be implemented into an effective solution for their properties, regardless of size or complexity.

Smith: While many people have been talking about integration, few have clearly demonstrated the value in terms of what it means to the bottom line. Collectively, the partnership brings the aspect of the technologies and financial justification together into a powerful business model. Ensuring that the correct infrastructure and equipment is installed now can make connected real estate future-proof, adding further value to the building(s) and improving the operational efficiency throughout the portfolio.


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