October 2004

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Web Resources for Networked Signage and Video Services

 Ken Sinclair

contemporary Our last month's article Electronic Signage for Safer Buildings inspired me to provide loose connection to web-based information on this exciting new convergence collision that is about to occur with our industry. Electronic Signage Networks represent the integration of now available technologies at a time when public safety needs are higher than ever before. In addition to this timely article Lyle has provided us connection to further valuable resources at the following URL.

From Lyle's email: You are welcome to post or reference the Electronic Signage Network (ESN) whitepapers at the Apogee Partners website at http://members.rogers.com/apogeepartners/. We attempt to keep abreast of homeland security developments and applications for large building safety (Chicago is leading in this at this time).

These valuable White Papers discuss: http://members.rogers.com/apogeepartners/white_papers.html

Making Technology Happen: The way in which an improvement in the experience toward the achievement of critical outcomes is fundamental to the credibility and value of new technology.

Dynamic Image Provisioning Applications: Narrowcasting revenue growth to $US2 billion in 2006, will be fueled by a new category of technology tools that exploit database and communications infrastructure to schedule, transport, display and manage the presentation of advertising and public information on electronic displays.

Investment-Worthy Technologies: Specific, leading edge, high growth, patent protected technologies available today or in the immediate term. Each uniquely contributes to business and mission critical goals and can be expected to enjoy revenue acceleration and high return on investment.

ESN as Killer App Whitepaper July2004 NEW!
Electronic Signage for Safer Buildings NEW!

Electronic Signage Networks (ESN) for Homeland Security through Dynamic Image Provisioning Application (DIPA):
Whitepaper Dynamic Image Provisioning
Whitepaper Investment Worthy Technologies
Whitepaper Making Technology Happen

I have also sourced the following links to allow us all to prepare for the industry's latest convergence collision.

What is Digital Signage?  It is a display system used to present a dynamic computer generated message to your audience. It includes full motion video, graphics, sound, and text. Ideal locations are corporate offices, retail stores, malls, hotels, restaurants, schools, and airports.  The actual display device can be plasma or LCD displays, or multiple monitors.http://www.videotexsystems.com/DigitalSignage.aspx

FireCast is the premier software platform for Linux kiosks and digital signage systems, offering rock-solid reliability, point-and-click setup, and web-based remote management. With a proven track record in retail stores, banks, government agencies, auto dealerships, and educational institutions, FireCast can help make your kiosk and dynamic digital signage plans a reality. http://www.wirespring.com/Products/digital_signage_software_kiosk_software.html

Whether you call it Narrowcasting, Dynamic Signage, Digital Signage Networks or Digital Visual Messaging, the application of the latest video display technologies (plasma, LCD, etc.) to public information display is the next big wave in business for the audiovisual industry. This market for plasma, LCD and other display products showing information and advertising in such venues as airports, movie theatres and shopping malls, is forecasted to grow at a rate of nearly 50% per year for the next 5 years*. Chances are your company may already be considering utilizing or serving the market for this new industry. But how can you find an integrator to work with on your next retail dynamic signage project; and where can you, as a systems integrator of dynamic signage, promote your company to interested signage end-users and prospects? http://www.systemscontractor.com/Activelight/dynamicsign.html

Networked Digital Signage and Kiosks: Why you NEED Remote Management Author: Bill Gerba on 2004-09-02 02:30:05

Sophisticated multimedia digital signage is popping up everywhere.The advent of large-scale dynamic signage networks powered by the converging technologies of computing and broadcasting. Such networks allow retailers, government agencies, marketing and entertainment companies, and many other organizations to cost-effectively “narrowcast” dynamic video, graphical, and editorial content on hundreds or even thousands of digital signage displays located virtually anywhere.http://digitalsignageupdate.broadcastengineering.com/

Digital signage, in all its forms, has but one main purpose: communication. Whether the goal is to communicate a CEO’s vision, turn shoppers in to buyers at retail, or to entertain masses, digital signage offers unique advantages over traditional sign technology. However the road to successful implementation, and the subsequent rewards, can be a difficult one. Sony is uniquely able to help because Sony has the expertise, technology, and partnerships to bring the dream of a digital sign network to reality. http://bssc.sel.sony.com/Professional/markets/signage/index.html

Welcome to the September 2004 Edition of ActiveLight's Flat Panel Monitor.

Networked digital signage goes where advertising has never been before. In real time. Sight, sound, and motion grab attention at the point of purchase, building brand image, making shopping more fun and encouraging consumers to spend.

ADSN announces Public Safety Information display override (July 23,2004)  Amber alerts and public safety/direction bulletins can now be displayed for immediate-response situations on electronic displays through a new feature that further empowers electronic signage networks (ESN). The announcement coincides with the release of the final report of the Commission: National Commission on Terrorist Attack upon the United States (9/11 Commission)http://www.corporatemedianews.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=26959

IP-based video delivery has started to take a definitive shape in 2004. This Webcast will examine latest trends in Internet-based video services and analyze how cable and satellite operators will evolve with increasing IP-video adoption.

This is my first cut at assembling connections to the exciting new digital signage industry which is bound to impact us all.  If you are aware of further resources you would like to share with our readers please forward them to me at sinclair@automatedbuildings.com


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