Press Release - April 2002
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Alerton Announces BACtalk® VLCP and EXP Modules

Redmond, Washington USA (March 29, 2002) Alerton Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of its new VisualLogic. Expandable Controller (VLCP) and Expansion Modules (EXPs). The VLCP is designed specifically for larger more complex point applications such as central plants, large air-handling units, and other critical environments with numerous control points. Other uses include applications where all wiring is at a central location.

The VLCP is the base unit that provides DDC, scheduling, logging, and alarming support. It can support up to 8 expansion modules (EXPs) that offer a mix of universal 12-bit inputs, binary triac outputs, and 8-bit analog outputs. This flexible design gives the ability to include up to 176 points on a single controller to fit nearly any application requirement.

The VLCP is BACnet IP capable and can be connected directly to an Ethernet network for communication across local or campus networks. It can also be connected to an MS/TP network.

For product availability, ordering and technical information, contact Alerton on the web at

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