Press Release - April 2002
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Performance-Based Service from Trane Maintains Optimal Efficiency

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WASHINGTON, DC—Today at the Earth Technologies Forum in Washington, DC, Trane announced a new performance-based service program that allows building owners to keep their systems operating at their highest efficiency, lowest emissions level on a sustained basis. The new EarthWise™ service agreement is available with Trane’s S-Series EarthWise CenTraVac™ chiller, which will launch in 2003. With EarthWise service, Trane's performance verification engineers monitor a sophisticated network of microprocessor-based controls and sensors to ensure that the S-Series chiller performs to owners' expectations for comfort, reliability and efficiency.

Breakthrough Oil-Free Technology Sustains Optimal Efficiency of New Trane Chiller

WASHINGTON, DC—Today Trane announced the introduction of a new CenTraVac™ chiller that eliminates the use of oil. This new patented oil-free chiller has a simpler design that achieves high efficiency, reduced environmental emissions and a lower total cost of ownership for optimal performance over the lifetime of the chiller.

Sustained Efficiency Reduces Environmental Impact, Lowers Total Cost of Ownership,

T rane incorporates this oil-free technology in its new S-Series EarthWise™ CenTraVac chiller, available in 2003. The simplicity of the S-Series' design is one of several factors that sustain its efficiency, decreasing utility-generated greenhouse gas emissions and reducing operating costs. There is no oil to contaminate the refrigerant, a common and potentially significant cause of efficiency loss in traditional CFC chiller designs. The unit is hermetically sealed so that its initial refrigerant charge is most likely its final charge, and a chiller running on a full refrigerant charge helps maintain peak efficiency, taking much less energy — and money — to operate.

To ensure a full charge and continuous optimal efficiency, all S-Series chillers come standard with an EarthWise™ purge, a device used to expel non-condensables from the chiller. Purge run time is monitored and documented so leaks can be found and fixed before even minute amounts of refrigerant are lost.

Trane's Building Automation Systems (BAS) Received ISO 9001 Re-certification for 2002

St Paul, Minn  - Trane's Building Automation Systems (BAS) business unit in St. Paul, Minn. has received ISO 9001 re-certification for 2002. The re-certification follows an extensive three-day audit in early January 2002.

ISO 9001 is an international standard of excellence in quality management. Trane BAS has been certified since 1998. 

Trane BAS must renew its official ISO 9001 certification every four years. Annual "surveillance" audits are performed to ensure the business is maintaining the processes it has implemented.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a group of national standards bodies from some 140 countries, one from each country. Its purpose is to promote standardization across business processes.

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