December 2005
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UtiliPoint International, Inc. Announces Groundbreaking Demand Response Study

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Albuquerque, N.M. UtiliPoint International, Inc., announced the release of a comprehensive study and report titled, Outlook and Evaluation of Demand Response that examines utility, demand response (DR) vendor, regulatory, and electric customer insight on demand response and articulates technology, business, and economic opportunity and challenge.

The utility industry has relied for too long on demand response research that is outmoded and relies on clich and speculation rather than on market based evidence, said Ethan L. Cohen, director of UtiliPoint's Utility and Energy Technology practice.

The report's author and UtiliPoint's principal analyst on Demand Response, Patti Harper-Slaboszewicz said, Demand Response is complex and will involve nearly the whole electric utility industry to optimize the opportunities provided by demand response; however, this study goes beyond speculating about the advantages of demand response and shows how effective demand response programs are designed, providing the basis for creating demand response programs that yield benefits across the industry value chain.

A chief finding of the study and report is that although demand response programs increase system reliability and provide cost savings to both utility customers and utilities, most demand response programs are evaluated solely on the utility benefits.

For detailed information or to purchase UtiliPoint's Outlook and Evaluation of Demand Response report, please visit

About UtiliPoint International

UtiliPoint International, Inc. has a 72-year history of innovation and delivery providing independent research-based information, analysis, and market, management, and selection consulting to energy companies, utilities, software and services firms. UtiliPoint provides the actionable industry knowledge, expertise and solutions that serve companies' needs and help them thrive in the dynamic energy and utilities space. UtiliPoint experts are located across North America. For more information about the company visit the website at


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