December 2005
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Free Online Ethernet Tutorial Teaches How to Improve Network Performance & Reliability

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Control Solutions, Inc

Downers Grove, Illinois - Contemporary Controls has created an interactive tutorial that is intended to be an introduction for industry professionals who wish to acquire the fundamentals of nine management features: IGMP snooping, rate limiting, VLANs, Quality of Service (QoS), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), port security, port mirroring, RapidRingÔ redundancy, and trunking redundancy. “These features collectively affect the performance of your network by getting the best utilization of your bandwidth,” says Bennet Levine, R&D Manager for Contemporary Controls. “For example, rate limiting will prevent communication problems from one network affecting another network and IGMP snooping will prevent multicast traffic from overwhelming certain devices.” Levine adds that this Network Performance Tutorial (visit will illustrate how you can improve the performance of your network through the company’s EICP, EISX and EISB Ethernet managed switches.

Levine says anyone will be able to follow and benefit from this interactive tutorial. “This guide is in an easy-to-understand format complete with interactive animations to help explain these topics. You’ll come away with the knowledge whether a managed switch or an unmanaged switch is the better option to choose for your system. You’ll realize if the ‘managed switch’ is the right product because component selection plays a major role in the performance of one’s network.”

Levine says this tutorial explains the advantages of each of these key features and which problems they will solve. “This tutorial will help you in making a more informed decision about which device to implement in your network.”



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