September 2004
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Release of NetBiter® webSCADA Design Kit - To customize web servers

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Control Solutions, Inc

Halmstad, Sweden -- IntelliCom is proud to announce the release of the NetBiter® Design Kit.

The NetBiter® Design Kit is a tool to be used together with the standard webSCADA product to make custom designed web pages. The kit is primarily designed to give a user the ability to create own flowchart and data presentation pages on top of the existing webSCADA web pages. This way, a system integrator can design a front-end with own logos and touch, but still keep the existing NetBiter® webSCADA configuration system to simplify configuration of alarm and data logging. The NetBiter® webSCADA is a configurable web server for automation, today used in more than 30 countries.

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About IntelliCom Innovation AB
IntelliCom Innovation AB ( is a leading company in Scandinavia who develops products and solutions for embedded web/Ethernet applications, M2M, Remote Device Management and protocol converters. We offer more than 20 products supporting Ethernet, Modbus, GSM/GPRS, LonWorks, Metasys, Profibus, CAN etc With customer in more than 40 countries, IntelliCom has an extensive track record with customers like Hitachi (Japan), Rockwell (USA) and Schneider (France), Compass Group (USA), Danfoss (Denmark), ABB (Finland), Ericsson (Sweden), Nortec group (Canada). NetBiter® is a registered trademark of IntelliCom Innovation AB



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