February 2005
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Atalum Introduces Its New GREENsuite Product Family

Building And Managing Of Wireless Sensing & Control Networks A New Reality

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Madrid, Spain  – Atalum Wireless S.A., a leading developer of standard-based (802.15.4 & ZigBee) reliable and secure wireless solutions that sense, monitor and control anything, regardless of environment, to create smart WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks), introduces its comprehensive GREENsuite product family.

GREENsuite is the first and only solution to provide clients a complete and interoperable sensing & control environment while leveraging standard-based technology for scalable, low-cost and low-power ad-hoc networks. GREENsuite now makes it possible for companies to connect and manage any object (pipe, lamp, cargo, vineyard, plant equipment) via a wireless mesh network.

The GREENsuite product family is made up GREENmesh, GREENoperator and GREENtool.

With GREENmesh, clients benefit from a wireless mesh (peer-to-peer) network that can set-up automatically and fix connections without requiring human intervention. GREENmesh’s “Lay N’ Leave” (LnL) functionality translates into lower maintenance and installation costs for users.

GREENoperator provides corporations with a much-needed means to centrally and remotely configure, monitor and manage GREENmesh, all from a single interface. Operations staff can obtain timely network information such as faulty network links, optimal traffic routing and even backups of network configurations from anywhere.

GREENtool offers companies specific end-user application profiles to define parameters such as indoor and outdoor environmental settings (leaks, lighting, pH, temperature and vibration), the respective thresholds along with event triggers (alarms/close; lighting on/dim/off; irrigation on/off; temperature up/down, maintenance call, etc.) as well as custom reports.

About Atalum Wireless S.A. (www.atalum.com)
Atalum is a pioneer in developing standard-based (802.15.4 and ZigBee) wireless solutions specifically designed to fulfill the unique needs of the sensing and control marketplace to enable smart environments (smart homes, smart buildings, smart indoor or outdoor spaces, etc.). Atalum is dedicated to enable people and businesses to be completely free of physical boundaries to do what they need to do. Atalum is a privately owned, venture-backed company based in Madrid, Spain.


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