February 2005
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Honeywell news from AHR Expo 2005

Building Solutions - Honeywell released a free, Web-based version of its Building Control Workbench(tm), a tool designed to save consulting engineers and other design professionals time by helping them find Honeywell systems, products and application data for their building projects in a matter of seconds.

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Water Solutions - Honeywell recently introduced the 5000 Series Zone Valve (V8043), a revolution in hydronic heating technology. The 5000 Series is equipped with "soft close" technology that reduces water hammer potential, ultimately decreasing callbacks and customer complaints. The "Quick Fit" pushbutton actuator removal feature offers a robust metal-to-metal connection, allowing for rapid installation, easier service and reduced labor costs.
Honeywell has introduced SuperVentTM, a device designed to eliminate air from hydronic heating systems without bleeding. Because of SuperVent's rugged design, contractors will benefit from reduced service calls and leak-proof operation. Unlike conventional automatic air vents, SuperVent breaks up air bubbles with a patented functional principle. It features a no-clog vent assembly, a 360-degree adjustable collar ring and can be serviced in the field.

Building Control Systems - Honeywell recently introduced the T7350M, a commercial programmable thermostat designed specifically for air handling units with modulating heating and cooling. T7350M features that contribute to increased comfort, control and energy savings include dehumidification control, easy programming, occupancy sensors, two - 0 to 20mA modulating outputs and PalmTM compatibility for programming and setup.

Honeywell recently introduced an updated version of CARE with SymmetrE, a proven engineering tool with more than 20,000 systems in the field worldwide. CARE 5.0 simplifies the process of engineering a project by building on Honeywell's existing flat Lon architecture while adding timesaving engineering and commissioning enhancements. SymmetrE R300 is an advanced building management system that gives engineers complete control over heating, ventilation and air conditioning monitoring.

contemporary Combustion - Honeywell announced enhancements to the ControLinksTM Fuel Air Control System, a "linkage-less" alternative to traditional cam and jackshaft linkage systems. ControLinks now features the S7999B Configuration Display, enhanced Fuel-Air Ratio Control System and a 240 Vac controller for international applications, all designed to help customers better utilize the fuel-air control in power burner applications.

Homes - Honeywell recently introduced the VisionPRO touch screen programmable thermostat, an innovation in climate control that reduces customer service calls, is easy to install and easy for customers to use.

Contractors can now offer a digital version of the world's most popular thermostat to customers who prefer manual temperature control but also want a modern digital display in the same famous and distinctive round design used by Honeywell for half a century. The new Digital Round(tm) thermostat (model T8775) adds a backlit, large-number readout to the recognizable shape, twist-to-set selection and accuracy that have distinguished The Round® thermostat for 50 years.

Honeywell recently introduced the FocusPRO 5000, a non-programmable, digital thermostat designed to provide ultimate ease-of-use for contractors and
homeowners. The FocusPRO provides precise comfort control (+/- 1 degree Fahrenheit) at an affordable price. The FocusPRO thermostat features a large, backlit digital display that prominently shows both room temperature and set temperature. The batteries are contained in a flip-out door on the side of the thermostat, eliminating the need to remove FocusPRO from the wall when replacing batteries. Equipment compatibility is not an issue because the thermostat is dual-powered.


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