February 2005
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Obvius Introduces Wireless Sub-metering Solution

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Control Solutions, Inc

Hillsboro, OR - Obivus LLC , the leader in plug and play data acquisition, recently introduced a new mesh technology wireless solution that makes sub-metering projects in existing facilities cost effective. The R9000 series “Modhopper” wireless module allows owners of commercial, industrial and campus facilities to add sub-metering of utilities such as electricity, gas, water and steam without the need for costly wire runs or configuration software. The Modhopper provides plug and play connectivity for all Modbus devices, including Modbus meters from major manufacturers such as EMON, Power Measurement, GE, Siemens and Veris Industries, and also provides two pulse inputs per module for new or existing meters.

The Modhopper's unique design combines the flexibility of the Modbus protocol meters with intelligent wireless nodes that automatically detect and optimize routing paths without the need for a central PC or configuration software. Each of the Modhopper nodes continuously evaluates the paths for routing data and selects the path that provides the most efficient means of getting data from connected devices to other nodes on the wireless mesh network.

Each of the Modhopper nodes can support up to 32 Modbus devices and the network can support up to 255 total connected Modbus devices (a combination of wireless nodes and meters). Adding multiple meters to a single Modhopper node makes submetering projects very cost effective as the cost of installing the network is greatly reduced. Modhopper nodes can also be used as “repeaters” (no connected devices) in areas where transmission problems are encountered.

The Modhopper is designed to work seamlessly with the AcquiSuite data acquisition server from Obvius, or with any Modbus master and slave devices. For more information about the AcquiSuite, visit our website at http://www.obvius.com.

The Modhopper uses proven 900 MHz ISM radios to provide maximum coverage through floors and walls within a typical building and an optional high power module provides transmission from building to building or across parking lots. For more information visit http://www.obvius.com.


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