February 2005
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Richards-Zeta, Panduit and Cisco Systems, Inc., Share Vision of IP Centric Systems

True IP Solutions Make Managing the Corporate Enterprise a Reality Using Client’s IT Backbone, Improving Operations, Efficiencies and the Bottom Line.

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Orlando - AHR Expo – Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc., Panduit and Cisco Systems, Inc., announced a collaborative effort in working towards delivering a complete IP centric solution intended to bring the power of the Internet to today’s enterprise businesses through Cisco’s Real Estate Marketing Development (REMD) initiative under the Cisco Connected Real Estate program.  The collaboration extends the utilization of many companies installed Cisco IP backbone by further leveraging the existing facilities assets, offering the ability to gain access to operational data and make pro-active decisions to improve services, lower energy costs, improve resource utilization and improve the bottom line.  By linking disparate building systems of different manufacturers and protocols using Richards-Zeta’s Omega® suite and Cisco’s core products through Panduit’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) patch panels, racks and structured cabling systems, a client will be able to manage a single building or complete portfolio of buildings using the IP network to its fullest.  During the AHR Expo an interactive demonstration of each company’s IP solutions will be presented, proving seamless integration into one network. 

The utilization of Omega on Cisco’s IP backbone, powered by Panduit’s rack mounted PoE equipment effectively eliminates the long-standing problems in the building controls industry of connecting multiple disparate systems using other ‘open’ protocols such as BACnet and LonWorks, as well as many proprietary protocols from multiple manufacturers.  This mismatch of protocols has created an ever widening gap between the aggregations of other IT data required in businesses today, a concept Cisco pioneered, and the ability to effectively manage the real estate assets of all companies globally. 

For many corporations around the world these assets make up a substantial portion of operating costs in a world of higher energy costs, and have for many years been a financial black-hole, with little attention paid to managing these assets efficiently.  Omega solves these problems by elevating all disparate system protocols to the 100% universally accepted standards in the IT world.  By doing so Omega provides connectivity such that the locked-up data is now accessible and manageable in an enterprise.  For many companies this newly found access to building/facilities data is eye-opening, and leads to being able to execute pro-active control over traditionally reactive systems. 

By being able to pro-actively manage systems, Omega offers companies an opportunity to predict and control facilities in response to dynamic business needs, much the same way as they are accustomed to being able to manage inventory, staff resources, production and distribution using other data management information available on the network.  Companies having a Cisco IP backbone and Panduit’s Ethernet network cabling can now further enhance the investment yield of the installed network infrastructure and other Cisco IP solutions such as Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones. 

Omega is the most advanced IP centric integration solution available today, and truly represents the first and last integration platform companies will need to further leverage the current value they realize from their Cisco IP backbone and Panduit cabling systems today, and well into the foreseeable future.  Omega makes connectivity of systems future-proof by using the standards of IP the backbone behind the integration platform. 

About Richards-Zeta

Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc., is a manufacturer of IP centric building integration controls.  Richards-Zeta has a legacy of first to market innovations, including perfectHOST®, the industry’s first all-in-one graphical programming and graphical user interface package, now an integral component of the Omega® platform suite.  For more information on Richards-Zeta please go to: www.richards-zeta.com.  

About Panduit

PANDUIT is a global leader in cabling and communication products and systems, delivering end-to-end solutions in support of demanding networking requirements. The PANDUIT solution is built on a foundation of quality and durability to ensure maximum reliability and performance. Continually focused on market needs, research and development enables PANDUIT to provide innovative products that meet leading applications and environments. This provides leading-edge solutions that allow businesses to move forward with their strategic objectives. Panduit’s global organization provides world-wide support.  For more information, please visit our website: www.panduit.com.  

About Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO), the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, this year celebrates 20 years of commitment to technology innovation, industry leadership and corporate social responsibility. Information on Cisco can be found at http://www.cisco.com.


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