February 2005
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Veris Industries Releases the BAS Industry's First Native BACnet Meter

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PORTLAND, Ore Ė Veris Industries, a leader in building automation technology, announces the release of the industryís first native BACnet MS/TP Energy Meter. The combination of high accuracy and quick installing hardware, along with the BACnet communication protocol, makes this the ideal meter for energy management in both industrial and commercial applications.

Verisí new BACnet Energy Meter was developed to fulfill the growing need by customers for a direct-communicating BACnet energy meter that is easy to integrate into existing systems, as well as being extremely accurate. Many of Verisí customers have already begun using the BACnet Energy Meter and are extremely excited about the outcome.

By using unique, patented, industrial grade split-core CTís, the installation time and costs are significantly reduced because the need to remove electrical conductors is eliminated. To further simplify the installation process, the meter automatically detects and corrects for phase reversal, eliminating the need to be concerned with CT load orientation. The remarkable systems accuracy of the BACnet MS/TP meter is unmatched in the industry and is achieved through systems calibration; the CTís are matched with the meter and factory calibrated as a system, resulting in an accuracy of 1% of reading from 2% to 100% of the CTís ratings.

The Veris BACnet MS/TP Energy Meter is the ideal choice for energy metering applications with BACnet communicating control systems. It provides the communication needed, while still maintaining incredible accuracy and low installation costs.

About Veris Industries
Veris Industries is a premier provider of energy and environmental products for the worldwide building automation industry, and is recognized for setting new standards in customer service and product innovation. For additional information on the new BACnet Energy Meter, or any of Verisí industry leading products please visit www.veris.com



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