February 2005
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WebGen Systems and Millennial Net Take Energy Management Wireless

Cambridge, Mass. and Burlington, Mass. –  WebGen Systems, Inc. provider of advanced software for energy conservation and control in commercial buildings, and Millennial Net, the leading developer of self-organizing wireless sensor networking systems, today announced the launch of the industry’s first wireless energy management system.  The new wireless energy management system combines WebGen’s flagship energy-management system, Intelligent Use of Energy (IUE©), with Millennial Net’s Mesh485™, a wireless sensor network system for energy management.  The collaboration brings together world-class energy management functionality enabled by award-winning wireless mesh and sensor networking technology. -

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The wireless IUE is the first energy management system to use ad hoc wireless mesh networking. This enables the solution to be installed without any communication wiring, which can decrease the total installation costs.  End users can now use WebGen’s IUE in buildings where no networking infrastructure existed; temperature sensors can also be quickly and inexpensively deployed with the wireless networking infrastructure.

Unlike larger buildings, many smaller commercial buildings and branch offices – typically less than 50,000 square feet – often do not have an existing networking infrastructure that the energy management system can tap into. Cost is not the only barrier to wired applications. In some old buildings, for example, there may be asbestos or other hazardous materials in the walls and opening them up for rewiring is undesirable. In other cases, there may be concrete or other construction barriers that make rewiring impossible. Now, these issues are no longer barriers to implementing an energy management system.

The Millennial Net and WebGen collaboration offers customers best-in-class technology for their energy management needs.  WebGen’s IUE system provides building owners and managers with a predictive, automated energy management solution that reduces energy costs and improves energy efficiency while maintaining focus on occupant comfort. IUE has won awards for its ability to conserve scarce energy resources, reduce energy expenditure, and provide detailed accounting of reduced energy use and corresponding dollar savings.

WebGen uses Millennial Net’s Mesh485 self-organizing wireless sensor network system as IUE’s wireless infrastructure, connecting to the thermostats and packaged units, transforming them into a de-facto energy management system.

Millennial Net’s Mesh485 is a complete wireless sensor networking system developed specifically to replace RS-485 wiring in building and industrial environments. The system delivers a suite of software and hardware components for fast deployment. The system software, which is tuned for energy management, HVAC control, and industrial monitoring applications, provides a low-power, self-configuring networking protocol with redundant paths that are efficient, responsive, and resilient. The hardware modules are packaged to integrate with IUE and other HVAC hardware. 

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Mark A. Noyes, CEO & President, WebGen Systems & Andy May, President & CEO, Millennial Net


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