February 2005
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Second Annual XML Symposium Delivers Insight into the Future of the HVAC Industry

Roadmap of the HVAC industry shows significant growth through the use of XM and Web Services

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IRVING, TEXAS; OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- Now in its second year, the XML Symposium communicated to more than 100 HVAC professionals the significant potential the industry faces now that such enabling technologies as XML and Web Services are providing a standard path to true whole building integration. Held in conjunction with the AHR Expo on February 9, 2005, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, the XML Symposium was co-hosted by CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association) and Clasma, Inc., a specialized event and marketing firm for the building systems industry.

Targeted specifically at the HVAC industry, the XML Symposium is a high-level introduction to XML and Web Services. These technologies are considered by many to be the most promising enablers for the future of integrated and intelligent buildings as these technologies are widely used by the IT community and many other industry groups who desire to leverage the Internet as a connectivity and automation vehicle.

"The XML Symposium is extremely effective in introducing the HVAC industry to the technologies and trends that are reshaping how projects are designed, specified, and installed," said Ronald Zimmer, CABA President & CEO. "It is not intended to be an in-depth look at how the technologies work, but rather a look at the vast potential XML and Web Services offer in regards to enabling cooperation between disparate approaches to open systems."

Status reports were delivered by representatives of the various open protocol development organizations such as the CABA-initiated oBIX (Open Building Information Xchange), BACnet, ASHRAE GPC20, Green Building XML and LonMark International. Such initiatives play an important role in establishing an understanding of the steps required to ensure industry-wide adoption of these technologies.

Of particular interest were the real-world case studies illustrating how XML and Web Services are utilized in a variety of projects including: a national chain store owner who out-sources the management of 4,000 facility automation systems; the technology's use in an integrated energy management project; a BAS with other computer applications; and large-scale deployments of XML Web Services used with LonWorks(R) networks.

contemporary "The XML Symposium has been instrumental in communicating the impact XML Web Services will have, and is currently having on the HVAC industry," said Anto Budiardjo, Clasma president and CEO. "The AHR audience is the perfect opportunity to reach the full scope of the industry and deliver a cohesive and realistic message regarding the adoption and deployment of these enabling technologies."

A CABA Event Report and Symposium proceedings are available through the CABA and Clasma websites.

About CABA
CABA is the only industry association to offer industry intelligence to stakeholders in all areas of smart homes and intelligent buildings. CABA's resources cover areas such as HVAC, lighting, security, A/V, communications technologies, energy management and controls.  A number of resources are available through the association including the CABA iHomes & Building magazine, CABA's Information Summits and Conferences, CABA's monthly eBulletin, Information Series reports, Event Reports and the CABA Web site. Please visit
www.caba.org for further information.

About Clasma, Inc.
Clasma, Inc. is a Dallas-based marketing, conference and media company providing services for the building systems and device connectivity industries. Clasma, Inc. is made up of marketing, technical and communication professionals who have between them decades of industry experience in product development and marketing. Clasma works with a vast network of associates around the world to provide its valuable services to the building systems industry. For additional information, please visit


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