January 2005
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Ember and Mototech to offer fast, affordable design and manufacturing services for companies developing products for the ZigBee market

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BOSTON — Companies who have been unable to tap into the lucrative ZigBee market for wireless control and monitoring products due to a lack of design and manufacturing capabilities now have a fast, easy way to outsource their design and manufacturing needs, thanks to a partnership announced today between Ember Corporation and Mototech, a high-tech ODM/OEM powerhouse located at Science-Based Industrial Park in Taiwan.

Mototech will offer contract design and manufacturing services to Ember customers, with expertise in integrating Ember’s IEEE 802.15.4 wireless semiconductor systems into a range of electronics for home and building automation, entertainment and other low power network applications. By leveraging Mototech’s design and manufacturing expertise, world-class contract manufacturing capability and an extensive supply chain infrastructure, the partnership will provide companies with significant development and production cost savings, as well as faster time-to-market thanks to Mototech’s quick capacity ramp-up capabilities. Mototech, which has established a global reputation for delivering high quality broadband, networking and wireless equipment for some of the world’s top tier brands, will offer both low- and high-volume production services to accommodate a variety of Ember customers.

“With the ZigBee market set to explode, it’s all about fast time-to-market. But achieving high volume production quickly with high quality is beyond the reach of many companies,” said Venkat Bahl, Ember’s vice president of marketing. “The speed and ease provided by Ember’s application development kit combined with Mototech’s outsourced design and manufacturing muscle means ODM/OEMs can gain a competitive edge and lower production costs.”

Mototech partnered with Ember because its standards-based comprehensive hardware and software products are already proven in numerous real-world applications, as well as Ember’s ZigBee expertise and leadership. ZigBee is a wireless, standards-based radio technology that addresses the unique needs of remote monitoring and control, and sensor network applications. Ember’s technology is helping buildings consume less energy, enabling industries to improve their environmental impact, making our homes safer and more comfortable, helping factories run with fewer breakdowns, and protecting the country’s borders. Ember is a promoter of the ZigBee Alliance, and its semiconductor system is the National Technical Systems’ (NTS) “Golden Suite” for evaluating IEEE 802.15.4 products for interoperability.


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