January 2006
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M2M whitepaper, "Enabling growth through a service-based business"

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Comtech Holdings Ltd (http://www.comtechm2m.com), the leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solution Enabler, announced the availability of its latest M2M whitepaper, "Enabling growth through a service-based business". Designed for OEMs and Solution Providers, it provides a model to rapidly offer M2M solutions to end users based on the information derived from remote goods and assets.

The whitepaper discusses how service-based growth opportunities can be created for various types of companies together with a blueprint for successful service adoption. It shows the key elements of the solution and how potentially complex implementations can be simplified through win-win partnerships. Solutions are traditionally created by establishing and managing broad partnerships, or by companies working outside their core competencies, which can be a distraction to the business. The whitepaper discusses an alternative "wrapped partnership" approach to simplify adoption and offers practical case studies through two companies that were enabled as service-based Solution Providers within only a period of weeks. The whitepaper is available for immediate download free-of-charge at: - http://www.comtechm2m.com/m2m-news/whitepapers.htm

Comtech Holdings Ltd and Invisible Systems Ltd Agreement

Comtech Holdings Ltd (http://www.comtechm2m.com), the leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solution Enabler and Invisible Systems Ltd (http://www.invisible-systems.com) a Value Added Reseller (VAR) announce a cooperation agreement. Together, the companies offer service-based solutions for the food industry.

Invisible Systems are a Solution Provider delivering local wireless monitoring solutions to retail food end users within factories, retail stores and transportation. Solutions include automated temperature monitoring for HACCP compliance and recording of corrective actions, where information is delivered to end users on a service basis. Comtech provide the "M2M within" the application (end-to-end communication infrastructure) through their µWEAVE "out of the box" M2M telemetry system. µWEAVE comprises an intelligent GSM/GPRS gateway for remote sites, web-based back-office management software and specialised M2M services. µWEAVE eliminated the need for an on-site PC at each remote site, enabling Invisible Systems to collect data and deliver service-based information from a single location via the Internet. Invisible Systems were able to tailor the solution to meet their end users business needs through "configuration rather than design" with a service-based approach that offers a quick time to market and rapid Return on Investment (ROI)


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