January 2006
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2005: A Successful Edition of the Net-atHome™ Event!

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Sophia Antipolis, France - Homega Research is very pleased to announce today that the 8th edition of the Net-atHome™ conference and exhibition successfully took place in Nice, France at the Meridien Hotel on November 29 & 30, bringing together over 180 delegates and major industry players from 22 countries to participate in discussions and exchange ideas on the latest trends affecting the Connected Home worldwide market, a market that is gaining increasing presence amongst the general public.

The event Net-atHome™ is the annual industry forum organized by Homega Research, a marketing and technology firm based in Sophia Antipolis, France and specializing in the field of technologies and services for the home. Net-atHome™ has the privilege to be recognized as the global event not to be missed and it has gained the reputation throughout the years as being “an extraordinarily successful show” (Jim Reeber, Marketing Director of Arkados and member of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance).

The main areas addressed this year included killer applications, home gateways and networks, industry roadmaps, and business models. The highlight of the event was a session focusing on consumer needs, where a panel of 8 consumers was invited to openly discuss and share comments concerning personal experiences with new technologies in their homes. In the same week, Net-atHome™ also hosted The European Application Home Alliance (TEAHA) open forum, which took place on November 28 and involved panel sessions concerning the specifications and standardization of home platforms and gateways. This event, also organized by Homega Research, took place at the inviting seaside location of the Meridien Hotel.

By way of conclusion of the event, Roger Torrenti, CEO of Homega Research, and the 6 session facilitators identified the following 10 key technological and market issues, trends, and ideas for the months to come:
contemporary - More broadband, more no extra wires…
- Market availability of improved narrowband and broadband wireless solutions
- Market availability of improved broadband PLC solutions
- Standardization initiatives to converge to avoid confusion
- A harmonious vision of the ”home platform” is appearing
- Triple play and distribution of AV content in the home are killer apps
- The demand is here: just focus on attractive applications and solid business models
- Consumers criteria are unchanged: attractive, reliable, easy to install / use, affordable
- Quick development pace of the connected home markets in Asia (especially in China)
- Markets are global!

The feedback received for the 2005 edition of the Net-atHome™ conference and exhibition was very positive and the event held the support of 45 organizations, 15 exhibitors, and more than 40 highly respected speakers in their domain of expertise. Once again, Net-atHome™ has gained the approval from industry leaders regarding the quality of its conferences, the numerous networking opportunities, its welcoming atmosphere and the dedication of its team to make the events a success. Homega Research is constantly searching for new ways to improve its events and participants can be assured that the same attention to detail and quality of service will be found at Net-atHome™2006.

About Homega Research
Homega Research (www.homega-research.com) is the Division of Sigma Consultants specialized in the field of Technologies and Services for the home. It has developed its activities from the expertise and experience Sigma has acquired in this domain since the company's creation in 1984. Homega Research is proud to have succeeded in building a long-standing reputation for quality, efficiency and professionalism for all its services: technology assessment, market research, and business events.


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