January 2006
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Power Measurement to operate under the Schneider Electric name
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VICTORIA, CANADA –  – Power Measurement, acquired by Schneider Electric in April 2005, announced that as an integrated part of the Schneider Electric family, the company will operate as a global “power monitoring and control” group under the Schneider Electric name. Brad Forth, Power Measurement president and CEO, will lead Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring and Control (PMC) initiative as vice president, PMC from the group’s headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia. “At a time when energy management has never been more important, it’s very exciting for everyone here to be a part of this great initiative,” said Forth.

“As a key part of Schneider Electric’s global operation, we now offer our customers the world’s largest range of power and energy-management solutions, integrated seamlessly with Schneider Electric’s full line of power protection, monitoring and control equipment,” said Forth. “By adding Power Measurement’s ION® technology to Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic® product line, we offer an expanded and enhanced world-class solution to energy suppliers and consumers for managing the cost, quality and reliability of their power.”

In describing Power Measurement’s contribution, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider Electric chief operating officer, explained that the company will be very active in developing intelligent systems for analysis and control of energy consumption. “Energy won't be cheap in the next five to ten years, but together we're going to help our customers master their energy bills,” said Tricoire.

“Power Measurement’s innovative technology in energy management and conservation reduces energy costs for consumers, and helps to promote environmental responsibility,” said Richard Neufeld, B.C. Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. “As we prepare to launch our new Energy Plan in 2006, our government is setting a new vision on a path towards a sustainable energy future with greater emphasis on efficiency, innovation and conservation.”

For more than 20 years, Power Measurement has helped thousands of customers around the world — including NASA, Stanford University, and the UK National Grid — to improve reliability while controlling energy-related costs. Now as a driving force behind Schneider Electric’s power monitoring and control initiative, the company’s energy management meters and software will be available globally as part of an expanded and enhanced PowerLogic product range, available through Schneider Electric’s Square D® and Merlin Gerin® brands.

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