January 2006
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Siemens Introduces First Wireless Building Automation System

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BUFFALO GROVE , Ill.  − Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., announced the introduction of the industry’s first wireless building automation system. Based on proven mesh topology for reliability, APOGEE ® Wireless field level networks are ready to provide facility builders, owners and managers increased occupant comfort, greater flexibility, and optimized, efficient control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

“Our customers continue to rely on us to provide innovative building automation technologies that deliver true value to their operations,” said Rick LeBlanc, Sr. vice president, and head of Siemens Building Automation Division. “While the potential of wireless should be obvious, the technology only has value to our customers if proven and ready for the rigors of real-world application.”

Ready for challenging building environments, Siemens APOGEE Wireless ensures network integrity by creating multiple redundant paths of communication. A mesh topology field level network is inherently self-healing, so users won’t have to worry about losing communication with control devices across the building automation system.

“Simply put,” said Jay Hendrix, manager, Wireless Solutions, “the network can’t be compromised because the signal is automatically able to circumvent obstructions and find its target.”

It’s widely acknowledged that wireless building automation can have a far-reaching impact on facility performance, cost efficiency and return on investment. Operational synergies begin at implementation because wireless environments easily adapt to changing business needs or new facility requirements. Also, removing wiring and its related hassles accelerates installations and simplifies retrofits and system extensions.

A true “future-proof” technology, wireless-based systems offer building owners and facility managers more choice and fewer constraints, including:
Simpler more flexible system design;
Faster, less disruptive installations and retrofits; and
Smoother, less costly migrations staged to accommodate budgets and schedules.
With APOGEE Wireless, owners and builders can increase and protect the value of their facility investment, improve the overall marketability of their properties and take advantage of opportunities brought by future technologies.

As a leading provider of building controls, fire safety and security system solutions, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., makes buildings comfortable, safe, productive and less costly to operate. The company focuses on improving the performance of its customers’ buildings, so that its customers can focus on improving their business performance. With U.S. headquarters in Buffalo Grove, Ill., Siemens Building Technologies employs 7,500 people and provides a full range of services and solutions from more than 100 locations coast-to-coast. Worldwide, the company has 29,000 employees and operates in more than 42 countries.  Visit www.sbt.siemens.com for more information.



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