July 2005
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Wireless Technology Takes Center Stage at Premium European Integrated Buildings and Machine-To-Machine Industry Event

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BuilConn Europe and M2M Expo and Conference features in-depth wireless technology program

IRVING, TEXAS—Wireless technology is the hottest topic in technology sectors of late, and in response, Clasma Events Inc. announced today a dedicated wireless program at the upcoming BuilConn Europe and M2M Expo and Conference to be held November 8-10, 2005, at the Amsterdam RAI.

The Wireless Program is designed for industry players looking for a comprehensive overview on wireless sensor technology and the role it will play in advancing the buildings and machine-to-machine communication industries. The program will span the full length of the event including the two conference days and the one-day pre-conference session. A different track each day will address the wireless topic from a different point of view.

The first one-day track, ZigBee Application Workshop, features numerous sessions for designers interested in utilizing the technology as a competitive advantage; Product Strategies Based on Wireless Sensor Networks will attract the product managers and designers looking for wireless application strategies; and The Business of Wireless Mesh will assist those in developing a business model utilizing the technology.

“The BuilConn and M2M conference continues to be a highly targeted event full of progressive attendees who are readily embracing wireless sensor networks for their control and IT networks,” Anto Budiardjo, BuilConn Europe and M2M Expo and Conference organizer, said. “The collocated events are a great opportunity for us to reach a highly qualified, yet diverse audience of adopters and suppliers to illustrate the immense value of this revolutionary technology.”

For further information on the wireless program at BuilConn Europe and the M2M Expo and Conference, please visit www.builconn.com/europe or www.m2mexpo.com/europe.

About Clasma Events Inc.
Clasma Events Inc. is a Dallas-based marketing, conference and media company specialising in providing services for the building systems and device connectivity industries. Clasma Events is made up of marketing, technical and communication professionals who have between them decades of industry experience in product development and marketing. Clasma works with a vast network of associates around the world to provide its valuable services to the building systems industry. For additional information, please visit


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