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Adept Systems Engages Building and Factory Automation Markets with Launch of LonTalk to IP Gateway / Router

Orem, Utah -- Adept Systems, a technology leader in LONWORKS® control networks, announces the immediate availability of GadgetGateway™, a configurable ANSI 709.1 (LonTalk®) to IP Gateway / Router. GadgetGateway is Adept Systems' first of a new breed of high performance, affordable devices that enables LONWORKS networks to leverage IP and the Internet. GadgetGateway allows system integrators to seamlessly connect LONWORKS networks over IP. It supports running LNS® applications --like LonMaker--remotely over an IP connection. It can also be used to implement a high speed IP control network backbone and is the first product in its class to support 100BaseT IP connectivity.

Adept Systems, the author of the C Reference Implementation of the ANSI 709.1 protocol, runs the LONWORKS protocol stack on a powerful 32-bit ARM processor instead of relying on the 8-bit Neuron® chip used in most LONWORKS devices. "Running our own version of the protocol stack allows for greater performance and more flexibility in our products," said Dr. Samuel Smith, Adept Systems' President and Founder. "We are completely committed to being the price-performance leader in our target markets. Our IP-enabled line of open ANSI 709.1 products will bring the strength and flexibility of the Internet to LONWORKS networks."


Interoperability was a key factor in GadgetGateway's design. Because it is fully compliant with the ANSI 709.1 (LonTalk) and EIA 852 (LonTalk over IP Tunneling) protocols, it is compatible with other standards-based LonTalk/IP routers and gateways such as the Echelon i.Lon® and the Coactive-LL Router®. GadgetGateway can easily extend systems already using the i.Lon or LL Router and can even be configured using tools from either product. "All of our products are standards-based," said Dr. Smith. "We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our products are fully interoperable with comparable products. We believe that the market is best served by offering products that can build onto existing systems and methodologies, rather than trying to replace existing infrastructures with proprietary technology."

Priced at about one-half of products with similar functionality, the GadgetGateway is poised to have a strong impact on integrating IP into LONWORKS networks. This point was echoed by Tracy Markie, CEO of Engenuity, the largest LONWORKS distributor in North America. "Adept Systems has pursued a very aggressive price point with the GadgetGateway", said Markie. "The affordable price point will open up LONWORKS to IP gateway capabilities to many new projects."

Priced at about one half of products with similar functionality, the GadgetGateway is poised to have a strong impact on integrating IP into LonWorks networks. This point was echoed by Tracy Markie, President of Engenuity Systems, the largest LonWorks distributor in North America. "Adept Systems has pursued a very aggressive price point, without sacrificing functionality or quality with the GadgetGateway", said Markie. "We are excited to offer this device to our customers because we feel it will not only be used in the end user's application, but also as a tool for the installer to service their customers."

contemporary GadgetGateway will be marketed aggressively in Europe as well as North America. Mike Welsh, President of Control Network Solutions, the first European distributor of the GadgetGateway, sees strong promise in the product. "We are anxious to present Adept Systems technology to our customer base," said Mr. Welsh. "The combination of competitive price, high performance and interoperability makes the GadgetGateway an obvious choice for many LONWORKS installations."

Adept Systems also makes a strong statement in the GadgetGateway's support of Echelon's LNS® products such as LonMaker®. "Our customers can run LNS applications on any computer with IP connectivity and communicate directly with any LONWORKS network via the GadgetGateway," said Dr. Smith. "This approach will save our users time and money."

The LonTalk/IP tunneling technology used by the GadgetGateway allows for system integrators to seamlessly connect LONWORKS channels over IP connections. There is no need for new expensive wiring between buildings. GadgetGateway allows you to leverage the existing IP infrastructure to unify and centralize LONWORKS management without having to change the existing control network's infrastructure. LONWORKS system integrators are beginning to consider using IP as a high speed backbone for LonWorks networks instead of the more traditional TP-1250 channels currently used in many installations. As detailed in the March issue of the newsletter (see, while the technology to accomplish this has been available for some time, the introduction of the GadgetGateway now makes an IP-backbone topology in LonWorks installations both technically and economically desirable.

GadgetGateway is the first product to be released from Adept Systems' GadgetTek product line. GadgetNode, a programmable version of the GadgetGateway, is scheduled to make its formal debut this spring and will be followed by several software and hardware products later in 2002.

About Adept Systems, Inc. Founded in 1994, Adept Systems, Inc. is focused on developing and marketing high technology products for interoperable, networked control systems based on the LonTalk (ANSI 709.1) protocol. Under contract from Echelon, Inc., Adept Systems authored the C Reference implementation of the ANSI 709.1 specification. Adept Systems has continuing contracts with the US Naval Research Laboratories to provide survivable control networks infrastructure technology based on ANSI 709.1. The GadgetTek family of products provides affordable, reliable high performance IP connectivity to LonWorks networks and applications. For more information see , or contact Bruce Armstrong at 801-226-7607 x-113, or e-mail

Engenuity Systems, Inc. (Chandler, AZ) -- is the world's largest distributor of LONWORKS-based products. They have been supplying LONWORKS-based products to the industrial control market and building automation industry for more than eight years. For more information see or contact Engenuity at (800) 375-3363, (480) 782-5600, or by email at

Control Networks Solutions (Basingstoke Hampshire, United Kingdom) is the first European distributor of GadgetTek products. Founded in 1996, CNS has a long history of providing LONWORKS technology to customers. With strong expertise in LONWORKS to IP connectivity, CNS has concentrated on providing control network infrastructure products and support. For more information, see or contact CNS at +44 (0)1256 305777 or by e-mail at .

GadgetGateway, GadgetNode and GadgetTek are trademarks of Adept Systems. LonTalk, LONWORKS, LonMaker, LNS, Neuron and i.Lon are trademarks of Echelon Corp. Router-LL is a trademark of Coactive Corp.

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