Press Release - March 2002
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Publication - EIB Installation Bus System

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ISBN 3-89578-175-4 Sauter, Thilo; Dietrich, Dietmar; Kastner, Wolfgang (Editors)

contemporary The book was conceived as an easy-to-understand introduction to the technology and as a reinforcement of existing knowledge, but also as an in-depth reference. It provides detailed information on the basics of EIB, covering the fundamental principles of communication and automation technology, the EIB protocol structure including hardware and software implementation right through all necessary information on the planning, development and commissioning of EIB systems. This should be the book of choice for students, product manufacturers, software developers or experienced system integrators who do not need all information covered by the EIB manual with its 2000 pages volume.

Basics Common Fieldbus Systems - An Overview Networks, Disciplines, Applications EIB Protocol: Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport and Application Layers Application Environment and Network Management EIB Hardware: Topology, Media, Communication End Devices, Couplers and Interfaces EIB Software: System Software, Interface to the Internal Application, Interface to the External Applications Linking Networks: Couplings, Internet Access, Security Aspects Tools Facility Management: Prerequisites and Tools, Virtual Facility Management Standardization Performance Aspects Outlook: Convergence, BACnet 291, Jini, IEEE 1394, Intelligent Software Agents.

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