November 2005
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Securing Buildings News

1)  The tender for "Federation" Tower (the highest office building in Europe - 432 m) is in the final stage. There are 3 alliances in the final:
    a) Siemens + M-Avtomatika + Formula Bezopasnosti
    b) Johnson Controls + Armo-Group + Schneider Electric
    c) ICS(Andover Controls) + Inelt + Thermocool

The investor of "Federation" Tower asked "BIG-RU" association to find few international BACnet experts (independent) who will look through the tender documentation of these three companies and make their recommendation. The results of the tender will appear in the middle of November, 2005

2)  "BIG-RU" and "ABOK" delegation is going to visit ASHRAE Winter Meeting and AHR Expo (21-25 January, 2006; Chicago, IL). The main purpose of this visit is to meet with BACnet companies and specialists and to discuss the BACnet development in Russia.

3)   On 23-26 of November, 2005 the Exhibition and Forum "Hi-Tech House 2005" will take place in Moscow. This event is the biggest one in Russia dedicated to Building Automation. "BIG-RU" will have the booth #104 where "interoperability show" will be organized: mutual work of BACnet equipment from Cimetrics, Kieback&Peter, Sauter, Siemens, YORK.

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