November 2005
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Kavlico P992 and P993 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensors are Ideal for HVAC Air Side Applications

Moorpark, CA --- Kavlico has just completed development of its next generation MEMS based low range differential pressure sensors for HVAC applications. The sensors are suitable for monitoring clean, dry air or compatible dry inert gas pressures and are available in pressure ranges of 0-1”, 0-2”, 0-5”, 0-10, ±1”, ±2, and ±5” H20.

Typical applications include VAV control systems, filter monitoring, duct airflow measurements, fan static pressure control, gaseous leak detection, and building pressurization. The devices operate on a 5 Vdc power supply and provide a linear, amplified output of 0.25 to 4.0 Vdc. The P992 & P993 can also be specified with a frequency output. The units operating temperature range is 0 to +60°C.

The mixed-signal CMOS ASIC ensures high accuracy and exceptional EMI, RFI, and ESD protection. The sensors superior stability makes it the best choice for repeatable, low-pressure differential measurements.

These compact sensors utilize a variable-capacitance-on-silicon sensing technology and their flexible mounting orientation eliminates position sensitivity. They are intended to be PCB mounted as part of a microprocessor based control system or in a combination damper actuator/control system. An adapter for the P992 facilitates electrical panel or control box mounting on a flat surface.

Both models, the P992 and P993 have identical internal components. The P992 is available with adaptors that allow for retrofit compatibility with Kavlico’s existing HVAC sensor models P892, P592, and P593, which have been industry standards for many years.

Test and evaluation sensors are available.


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