November 2005
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Plexus Technology Turns Data Into Knowledge With Powerful New, Web-Based Energy Suite

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STAFFORD, ENGLAND—Plexus Technology Limited, a leading provider of open Web serving solutions for the controls industry, announced today the release of the ALTITUDE Energy Suite, a powerful automatic targeting and monitoring application which operates as an integral part of the ALTITUDE Suite of products to reduce utility costs and improve operational efficiencies.

As part of Plexus Technology’s ALTITUDE Enterprise Automation System (EAS), the Energy Suite expands on conventional energy management programs with discerning interpretations of energy usage and Web-based reports that deliver full representations a client’s facilities and utilities. With all energy-related data sources easily accessible, energy managers can monitor and optimise their systems to meet business objectives while maintaining compliance with new building and environmental regulations.

The ALTITUDE Energy Suite presents all energy and utility related information in an integrated manner based on real-time data. This allows building owners and operators to monitor peak load occurrences throughout the day and ascertain the most efficient way to distribute the load over time to reduce costs.

Customisable reporting functions provide users with comparative information and access to historical data from which mission-critical decisions can be based, and a comprehensive view of utility usage enables users to pinpoint areas of concern and efficiently allocate resources. Custom reports available with the ALTITUDE Energy Suite include: energy analysis and budgeting, financial analysis, data quality check, calculated meters and exception reporting.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] “The ALTITUDE Energy Suite was designed to combat the trend of reactive energy managers spending most of their time collecting and comparing energy data as opposed to taking proactive steps to save energy and reduce costs,” Gary Bark, Sales and Marketing Director, Plexus Technology, said. “The Energy Suite takes historical and real-time data and turns it into knowledge from which energy managers can confidently make informed business decisions that will reduce usage costs and increase efficiencies throughout the enterprise.”

The ALTITUDE Energy Suite modules are built around a common framework and a browser-based architecture. ALTITUDE Energy Suite can be deployed on single PC, a corporate network or across the Internet.

About Plexus Technology Limited
Since its formation in 1997, Plexus Technology Ltd has been a leading supplier of Open Web Serving Solutions for the controls industry providing an open solution that allows control networks—regardless of protocol—to be monitored and controlled through the Internet via a standard Web browser. Through the adoption of Internet standards in conjunction with ALTITUDE, the company’s powerful Web-serving software, Plexus has been able to successfully deliver user-friendly and cost effective solutions that can be applied to most control and monitoring applications in a variety of sectors including: Building Automation, Industrial Automation, Energy Management, and Utilities and Home Automation.

The strong combination of Web-serving technology with open control system protocols makes Plexus Technology the leading provider of Enterprise Automation solutions on a global basis. For further information on Plexus Technology, please visit

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