Press Release - September 2003
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Feature Observations After the Biggest Blackout in US History

Taken from August, 2003 ION Wire™  Power Measurement e-newsletter 

Major blackouts like the one in North America on August 14th illustrate how much we depend on electricity to support a stable, diverse, and growing economy.

It also highlights the need for energy consumers and suppliers to manage risk before major disruptions happen. They must be prepared to diagnose power problems and control energy usage, and a cost-effective approach is the use of enterprise energy management (EEM) systems. These networks of distributed "smart meters" and Internet-ready software instantly deliver information from all parts of the electrical system and respond to changing demands for energy.

Businesses still face considerable challenges: an evolving regulatory environment, uncertain growth in demand, scarcity of land and limitations in geography, and new emission control standards. All these factors make any improvements to generation and transmission capacity more complex. While EEM is not a panacea, it delivers the real-time monitoring, communications, and control technology necessary to make these improvements a reality.

For more on this, read the article (pdf).



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