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demystify the complexity

We are adapting because Change is the only constant..

Sudha Jamthe is
a Technology Futurist and CEO of IoTDisruptions
who mentors business leaders with Capstone projects to solve industry AI problems at Stanford Continuing Studies and online a

Contributing Editor

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Automation sounds like a one time thing. It seems to imply that you take something that is done manually and make it run by the AI.  Why then has Building Automation been a decades long process to automate the building? And why do we still have ways to go!

Technology changes every few years and adds opportunities.
Processes change constantly and create operational efficiencies.
People and roles change with each new system and add ambiguity and complexity.

Change is the only constant.

Dealing with innovation using technology is about adapting to the changes. It is about learning to deal with ambiguity and constantly finding ways to demystify the complexity.

We brought connectivity to buildings and it created incompatibilities among multiple systems of systems.  

We are adapting.

We created sensor fusion of multiple datasets and it created data silos between the edge and the cloud.

We are adapting.

We created agile methodologies to iterate and build microservices and it fragmented the user experience. 

We are adapting.

We brought in Artificial Intelligence to create a personalized user experience and it became a blackbox and created new business risks.

We are adapting.

We brought in Explainable AI to create transparency and it opened up the need to mitigate the bias exposed.

We are adapting.

We began the new field of Operational AI to manage risk mitigation and MLOps was born bringing in more technology automation.

We are adapting. 

As Technologists, we are tempted by the innovation opportunities. Soon we face complexities and changes and are forced to adapt. 

We adapt by innovating.
We adapt by focusing on the customer.
We adapt by supporting each other as a community.

This IoT Day, on April 9th, let us turn to a community of Iot experts to learn from them at the IoT Womansplaining event. Get a taste of this by choosing a topic from the Woman's Day womansplaining word cloud.

What is IoT Womansplaning?

It is a 22 hour livestream round the clock for IoT Day. It starts at 9am April 9th in Singapore with a new panel at 9am from several time zones from around the globe covering Asia, Middle east, Europe, Africa, Latin America and ending with North America, ending at 4pm pt in California.

Check here to join and learn from the panel of experts on April 9th. You can choose to attend as many sessions as you wish. 
Sign up here to attend (free).

And in the spirit of adapting, let us know of IoT expert womxn in your time zone who can lead a panel or participate in one on the topics of AI, Building Automation, AI for Peace, Data, IIoT, Chatbots, and more.

If some womxn cannot join live, we will pre-record and stream it live and have a live discussion reviewing it with the IoT womansplaining hosts Sudha Jamthe and Roxy Stimpson.

Sudha Jamthe is a Technology Futurist who enjoys mentoring business leaders on AI and AV business in learning communities at BusinessSchoolofAI.com. She teaches AI and AV business at Stanford Continuing Studies and AIX and AI Ethics at Barcelona Technology School.


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