August 2007

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EMAIL INTERVIEW  ES Magazine & Ken Sinclair

The 4th Building Automation Conference

The 4th Building Automation Conference

will join forces with BACnet International to provide the latest information you need on Building Automation and Sustainability!

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Sinclair: Can you give us an overall view of the topics that will be discussed at the September conference?

ES Magazine: Current topics for the second half of the program (Day 2 & 3) will focus on what owners and consultants need to know about Intelligent and Sustainable buildings such as Day-lighting control, Sustainable Design, New Technologies, Web Service Based Open Systems, Intelligent Building Tools and Integrated Applications. Check out our full conference schedule complete with topics, descriptions and times here:

Sinclair: What do you think will be most valuable to attendees?

ES Magazine: We will provide you with the latest automation & sustainability topics. Attendees will leave Phoenix with a handbook and CD of Proceedings that will include all speaker presentations. But really the networking and face-to- face time you get with colleagues and professionals in this industry will be priceless.

We did another seminar this past March in Baltimore. The attendees were most receptive about the fact that the whole industry was in the same spot at the same time, and that they were able to talk about problems that they were running into on a daily basis and try to find solutions for them. We had several panel discussions combined with Q & A at the end of each panel discussion.

The chance to talk to experts in the industry is going to be most valuable here. This is an opportunity to improve performance in your present and future facilities. You will also get a tangible benefit here, as this conference will provide you over you with up to 12 CEU/PDH credits!

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Sinclair: What companies or organizations are showing an interest in BAC?

ES Magazine: There are many companies and organizations that are excited for our upcoming conference and why shouldn’t they be? This is going to be a time when the industry will be under one roof for three days.

Current Sponsors & Exhibitors Include:
Automated Logic, Delta Controls, Reliable Controls, Tridium, Viconics, Johnson Controls, Trane, Siemens, Honeywell, Alerton, ABB, Field Server, KMC, and Contemporary Controls

Current Endorsers include:
Automated Buildings, ZigBee, Lighting Controls Association (LCA), Gridwise, In Building Wireless Alliance (IBWA), and Building Intelligence Group

You can check out the link below for exhibit hours and updated sponsors and exhibitors that come our way!

Sinclair: What if you are not a BACnet member - should you attend this conference?

ES Magazine: Definitely! This conference is designed to target building owners, engineers, developers, facility/building managers, commercial engineers, government, IT professionals as well as BACnet members! And beyond the expert BACnet insights and commentary, there will be plenty of other content on automation and sustainability issues.

Sinclair: Who can those interested contact for more information?

ES Magazine: You can find out more information and also register online at or call 1-888-530-6714. See you in Phoenix!


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