August 2009

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Cisco Network Building Mediator

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of chatter in the industry about what is and what is not the Cisco Mediator

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This FAQ addresses the commonly asked questions related to the introduction of the Cisco© Network Building Mediator (“Mediator”).

Public/External FAQ

Q. What is the Cisco Network Building Mediator?

A. The Cisco Network Building Mediator (“Mediator”) is the industry’s first solution that extends the network as a platform to transform the way buildings are built, operated, and experienced. The Mediator provides a network-based framework that interconnects four key systems: building, IT, energy supply, and energy demand. The integration of these disparate systems onto an IP network leads to a truly converged, energy-efficient building.

Q. How does the Mediator work?

A. The Mediator collects data from the building, IT, energy supply, and energy demand systems, which use various protocols and are otherwise unable to communicate. It then normalizes the data into a common data representation. This enables the Mediator to perform any-to-any protocol translation and also to provide information to the end user in a uniform presentation.

This network-based framework creates a common, standards-based, open platform that then allows enterprise applications, cloud services and building/IT systems to communicate. The Mediator is protocol-agnostic and extends the network to serve as an effective foundation for sustainability management.

Download this pdf for more info

Benefits of the Mediator

Mediator Architecture



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