Interview - December 2003
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EMAIL INTERVIEW  Anto Budiardjo & Ken Sinclair

Anto BudiardjoBuilConn 2004

BuilConn 2004Anto Budiardjo is President of Clasma, Inc., 
the marketing and conference company organizing BuilConn 2004 in Dallas on April 13-16, 2004 (

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Sinclair: Tell me how BuilConn 2004 planning is going?

Budiardjo: Very well, Ken. We are developing content, exhibitors are signing up and we have started to take online registration for next April's show. We're well ahead of our expectations at this point in time.

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Sinclair: Tell me the highlights of the conference content?

Budiardjo: We have six tracks for next year, three on each of the two days of BuilConn. On the first day, Wednesday, April 14, we have "Selling to & Working with Building Owners", "Technology Update & Trends" and "IT & Security Systems Convergence". On the second day, Thursday, April 15, we have "Industry Trends Driving Change", "Critical Technology Developments" and "Networks, Wireless & System Security". So we have a varied array of subjects, catering to the business-minded attendees wanting to increase their business effectiveness to the technically demanding attendees trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle of technologies around us today.

Sinclair: And I see you have more security subjects also?

Budiardjo: Yes, Ken, we all know how important security is these days, and I mean both types of security: physical security, as in the protection of life and property in our buildings, and logical security, which is all about ensuring that the networks we use for building systems are secure from harmful activities, intentional or otherwise. 

Sinclair: Do you mean attacks from viruses?

Budiardjo: We all know how damaging viruses can be to our desktop and laptop computers especially when they are connected to the Internet. While there are no known viruses that directly affect building systems, we increasingly rely on the Internet and TCP/IP-based corporate networks, so the building systems industry has to be aware of the network security issues.

Sinclair: Will there be much on XML at BuilConn?

Budiardjo: Yes, I expect a number of vendors will discuss or demonstrate XML-based connectivity next April. There may even be some early results, or at least work-in-progress from the oBIX (Open Buildings Information Xchange) initiative that is making good progress. There will certainly be a lot of talk about oBIX, XML and Web Services formally and informally in the sessions, on the exhibitor floor and in the networking activities - a key element of BuilConn.

Sinclair: I noticed some mention of M2M recently. How does that fit?

Budiardjo: In 10 years from now, there will be billions of devices directly connected to the Internet. These are devices or machines that will use the Internet to talk to each other as well as with humans and enterprise systems. The number of such devices/machines will be far greater than the number of computers by humans, maybe as much as ten times as many. This world of billions of devices connectable with each other, generating endless amount of data must be looked at with a different perspective. That's what M2M is all about: technologies, communication, systems, hardware and services that will make Machine-to-Machine a reality.

Sinclair: How does this relate to BuilConn?

Budiardjo: Stay tuned on that one, Ken. We certainly plan to bring some M2M content to BuilConn. 

Sinclair: I see that BIG-NA has endorsed BuilConn.

Budiardjo: Yes, Ken, we're excited about that. I met up with BIG-NA, the BACnet Interest Group North America, at their Cincinnati conference in October. They are very keen to be part of BuilConn in order to bring more value to their members and to talk about the progress that BACnet is making. 

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Sinclair: What planning should people do to get the most out of BuilConn?

Budiardjo: First, they need to register. We are offering an early bird discount of 25% for those registering before the end of December. Also, for readers of, they can use the promotional code "AB" to take a further 10% off their final registration fees. So, the first planning suggestion is to save money by registering sooner rather than later ( ).

Also, we're seeing a number of companies that are planning to send groups of their staff to BuilConn. The breadth of subject matter-from business, commercial to technical-means that BuilConn is valuable to many people in integration companies. Sending a single person and expecting them to relay the information to others when they get back home does not always work. So I suggest that your readers take some time and consider who from their company can benefit from being at the only event where HVAC, Security and IT converges. It would be great motivation to send your people to BuilConn.

Sinclair: Do you offer additional discounts for groups?

Budiardjo: Yes, we do. Groups of six or more will be provided with a group rate. For those sending 10 or more, there are even better rates. We can also tailor programs to the needs of companies that may have special needs, such as private meetings while they are at BuilConn. Contact me via email, or Tish Smith at

Sinclair: Sounds like it's going to be a great event!

Budiardjo: We believe so, Ken. The timing is perfect; convergence is going on right now, and we're glad that BuilConn can be the annual venue where the people involved can physically convene, meet, discuss and get to know each other.

Sinclair: I'm looking forward to April.

Budiardjo: Thanks for your support, Ken. These are indeed exciting times.

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