January 2008

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EMAIL INTERVIEW  Tom Checksfield and Ken Sinclair

Tom Checksfield, General Manager,
Tek-Air Systems, Inc

Tek-Air Systems, Inc., headquartered in Danbury Connecticut is a manufacturer of air flow measurement devices, air flow control valves, and air flow controllers for laboratories, clean rooms and critical environments. For over 25 years Tek-Air Systems, Inc. has manufactured Vortek Airflow sensors, pneumatic air flow control valves, PRD valves (commonly referred to as a bladder valve), Pressurization room monitors and Smart Lab Controllers. Last year Tek-Air Systems, Inc. introduced the AccuvalveTM, an electronically actuated air flow control valve.

Innovation Award Winner AHR 2008

The AccuValve is an air flow control valve used in labs and critical environments for accurate air flow measurement and control.

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Innovation Awards WinnerSinclair:  What is the name of the product that won the Award?

Checksfield:  AccuValve™ by Accutrol, LLC (Airflow Control Valve)

Sinclair:  Describe the purpose of the product or how it is used.

Checksfield:  The AccuValve is an air flow control valve used in labs and critical environments for accurate air flow measurement and control.

Sinclair:  Is this product for use primarily in commercial or residential applications? New construction or retrofit? Describe a typical application for this product.

Checksfield:  Commercial, both new construction and retrofit. The AccuValve incorporates Vortek air flow measurement and is used in labs for pressurization control, fume hood exhaust control, and supply and exhaust air flow tracking for tight room control.

It is also good for retrofit for enhancing air flow management in critical environments.

Sinclair:  When was the product introduced? Is it widely available?

Checksfield:  The AccuValve was introduced one year ago. It is widely available and is being installed world wide

Sinclair:  Is this a brand new product or a redesign of an existing product?

Checksfield:  It is a new product that incorporates proven technologies.

Sinclair:  What makes this product different from other products on the market? Why do you believe it won the Award?

Checksfield:  The AccuValve is different in that it measures air flow for true closed loop valve control. And, the AccuValve operates at a very low pressure drop so it can be used for low pressure drop design and static pressure reset strategies.

I believe it won because it allows users to fine tune their environments. It is simple in its design and uses proven technologies for its operation.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Sinclair:  How will this product benefit those in the HVACR industry, specifically contractors or engineers? Is it easy to use/service/install? Please explain.

Checksfield:  The AccuValve benefits the engineers and contractors in a number of ways. It is easy to design, it is very controllable as it measures air flow, and it is easy to install. Servicing the valve is easy as all the parts are on one side of the valve.

Sinclair:  What are the benefits of this product to the end user?

Checksfield:  The benefits to the end user are as follows:
1 – Accurate control
2 – Low pressure drop design
3 – Can be used with a pressure reset strategy

Works well with a green, or sustainable design as the AccuValve helps minimize the size of the air handler required. Less fan requirement equates to a smaller HVAC foot print. The end user can save money initially with lower capital outlay, and the smaller fan requirement will also save energy through building operation.


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