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EMAIL INTERVIEW  Anto Budiardjo & Ken Sinclair

Anto Budiardjo BuilConn 2004

Anto Budiardjo is President of Clasma, Inc., the marketing and conference company that organized the BuilConn 2003 in Dallas on April 23-25, 2003 ( and is also the spokesperson for the recently formed Council of Advanced Building Systems.

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Sinclair:  Please tell me your plans for BuilConn 2004?

Budiardjo: We are embarking on the first phase right now working with integrators, contractors, exhibitors, sponsors and industry leaders making sure we understand their needs and views for next year. After that is done, we will start putting together the content and communicate the plans to delegates. This will happen after the summer period.

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Sinclair:  What are the dates and where will it be?

Budiardjo:  April 13-16, 2004 and it will be at the same venue, the Adam’s Mark Hotel and Convention Center in Dallas, TX. Mark the dates on your schedule!

Sinclair:  Will the format change from 2003?

Budiardjo:  One of the comments we continue to receive is that the format of 2003 worked well, so we are keeping most of it the same. We have however, identified minor additions and modifications from this feedback. One change is that BuilConn 2004 will be 4-day event starting Tuesday with BootCamp, Wednesday and Thursday for the main Conference, Expo and Gala, and then a new series of MasterClass sessions on Friday.

Sinclair:  Tell me about the MasterClass?

Budiardjo:  It’s the opposite of BootCamp, Ken. While BootCamp is a set of seminar sessions for delegates to learn the basics of technologies and the industry, the MasterClass series are longer sessions and workshops that get into the technical details of key subjects, delivered by “master” experts for those who want to master the subjects. Attendance will be limited to keep the class size at a very effective level.

Sinclair:  What subjects will be covered in MasterClass?

Budiardjo:  We are seeking input from integrators and contractors on the subjects they feel warrant in-depth sessions.

Sinclair:  Have you created the Advisory Boards yet?

Budiardjo:  We are doing that now as part of the planning. For 2004 we will have three Advisory Boards to help us on key areas: a Channel Advisory Board made up of Integrators, Contractors and Dealers; a Technical Advisory Board made up technologists in the industry; and a wider Industry Advisory Board made up of representatives of relevant associations and industry groups.

Sinclair:  When will registration open?

Budiardjo:  Around August or early September—your readers should be the first to know.

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Budiardjo:  Yes, we will be offering early sign-up incentives. Basically the earlier you register the better deal you will get. Again, keep an eye out on the details on and

Sinclair:  What is the main content of 2004?

Budiardjo:  The Advisory Boards have not completed their work as of yet so it is a little early to tell, but I am sure that open systems, the Internet and the convergence of HVAC, Security and IT will be high on the agenda. As mentioned earlier regarding the MasterClass series, the content for 2004 will be more technical although we will also dig in deeper into the commercial issues that are important for the industry.

Sinclair:  Who should readers contact if they wish to exhibit?

Budiardjo:  Contact either Heather Deal ( or 972-714-0500) or myself ( or 817-946-3162).

Sinclair:  From the comments I’ve seen, 2004 should be well attended.

Budiardjo:  Ken, I think this whole topic is very important to all of us, and that’s what is driving the attendance and support for BuilConn. As you have written on several occasions, there is a big change going on here, and key stakeholders need to be on top of these changes. BuilConn is THE gathering place for the industry to evolve this change, so we’re looking forward to a great meeting in 2004. Keep tuned in on for details.

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