July 2010


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basMaker makes Tridium graphics a snap!

Alper Uzmezler
BAS Services & Graphics

3D animation software has always been priced for graphic artists and movie makers and not cost effective for the construction industry.

BAS Services & Graphics has been developing Tridium graphics for over 8 years and has extensive knowledge of the Tridium product and 3D graphics preparation. The team of designers are skilled artists utilizing the latest technologies for animation and rendering. They are also skilled in many protocols and BAS interfaces giving them the ability to “know what you need”. They understand the importance of a consistent and professional looking interface.

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The effect of a visually stunning graphic of a unit can create a more personal connection to the working components for the end user. When it is easy to identify with how the unit operates, a user can recognize situations that need attention quickly and easily. The problem with creating these complex 3D images has always been the extreme time, software and engineering costs. In today's fast paced construction environment, time is always at a premium. The time that has to be taken to create 3D graphics has always created a bottleneck at the most important part of the job, closeout. The software investment to create these graphics has always been expensive. 3D animation software has always been priced for graphic artists and movie makers and not cost effective for the construction industry. Building automation engineers need to know how to make systems operate and having them take time to make graphics is extremely costly. basMaker eliminates the high cost of 3D animated graphics for the HVAC industry and provides you with a complete solution for your customer's interface.

basMaker is a product that makes your projects more profitable by reducing engineering time and at the same time enhancing the aesthetics of your customers experience. This new product release is a package offering of the popular Maker Modules that include graphics for AHU, RTU, Unitary (VAV and Reheat), Heat Pump, and Central Plant graphics. For one low price you can have all of the graphics you need for most building applications. All of the modules that BAS Services & Graphics offer have great value and a low price per unit. basMaker brings together the power of all of the modules and offers them in one easy package. Now you can build an entire projects graphics from one module loaded with all of the 3D animated graphics you will need. The modules that can be included in a custom basMaker package are the basAHUMaker, basRTUMaker, basUnitaryMaker, basPlantMaker, basHPMaker, and basAronMaker. Any four of these powerful modules can be packaged together in your custom basMaker module. The configuration of graphical components takes place right in the Tridium interface. There are no other pieces of software to buy or maintain licenses on. Your engineers can configure the graphics as simply as any other Tridium object. The modules install in the Jace or Web Supervisor just like any other module. The greatest thing about the modules is that they save time. 3D graphical units can be configured in minutes not hours or days and the “look and feel” remains consistent throughout the entire library. It is like having a widget style library that all of the pieces can be placed together in unending combinations to create any style or type of unit.

BAS Graphics

The latest additions to the available modules basHPMaker and basAronMaker are a result of the needs of the industry for specialized components that fit today's complex heat pump and packaged rooftop equipment. The basAronMaker has components designed to mimic rooftop package units that are compact and full of features without compromising quality animation. You can quickly piece together sections and partitions to create any type of unit, including heat recovery wheels and face and bypass sections.

BAS Graphics 2

This library of HVAC components can be snapped together to create professional 3D graphics within minutes, and they are completely pre-animated. The library includes many different sections of ductwork, fans, dampers, temperature and pressure sensors, heating and cooling coils, valves, pipe work, chillers, cooling towers, boilers plus much more. Of course there is always that one project that has something that is outside of the standard component package. If you require any new symbols or images BAS Services & Graphics will develop them and add them to the library free of charge. If you have any issues with configuration or need some extra assistance in using the modules remote technical support is only a click or phone call away at www.basgraphics.com

About the Author

Alper Uzmezler is a systems and graphics designer specializing in Tridium integration. He has been working in the building automation industry for over 10 years. His expertise in graphics and Tridium programming is not easily matched. He started his own business BAS Services & Graphics, modeling graphics and developing Tridium AX based systems, and now has a staff of graphics and programming specialists. He is considered a Tridium AX interface expert by those that know him and have worked with him. He has worked on systems reaching from Guam to New York and all over the United States in between. In 2009 he formed the idea for a way to make 3D Tridium graphics easy for everyone. In October 2009 he began the development of the line of basMaker Module packages for the Niagara framework. In April 2010 he released the first official module basAHUMaker which was an instant success. Now with his complete line of HVAC basMaker modules, further development continues with plans for additional Maker modules branching out in to all aspects of building and facility control.


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