June 2016

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CABA: We Can Prove It!

Intelligent Buildings Track:High Performance Buildings Improves Employee Productivity

 Ken Sinclair
Founder, Owner, Publisher AutomatedBuildings.com

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I attended the CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum in San Diego. This session was focused on finding the New Measured Variables; Health, Wellbeing, & Productivity and Creating Savings in the $300 part of the “3-30-300” rule.

Intelligent Buildings Track: High Performance Buildings Improves Employee Productivity - We Can Prove It!

Today’s workplace is more than a place to work. Organizations spend approximately 10 times more for the staff, who do the work, than for the buildings they work in. Leading organizations are looking to the workplace as a way to enhance employee productivity and well-being. The good news is that this new approach illuminates the true value of sustainability efforts, such as: temperature control, energy management, indoor air quality, and optimum lighting.

Beyond energy savings, research is showing an exponential return on investment based on improved worker productivity, reduce sick days and employee satisfaction. Conversely, building conditions (even energy-saving ones) that create discomfort or add barriers to effective work can be costly for both the building owner/operators and tenants. Discover the newest dimension of the sustainable workplace and its surprising impact on the bottom-line.

Industry leaders will share research and knowledge to illustrate the positive link between intelligent buildings and worker productivity.

Moderator:John Gruss – Independent Consultant
Matt Schwartz, Senior Associate – Altura Assoicates, Inc.
Erica Eaton, Director of Business Development – Building Robotics
Matt Kastantin, Vice President of Marketing – Ecorithm, Inc.
Trevor Nightingale, Director Intelligent Building Operations – National Research Council Canada (NRC)

These slides provide a quick photo essay overview of what I saw and heard from all these great sessions.

I am personally very pleased that a new metric, the temperature comfort factor, is evolving in several forms.  In the early days of DDC we generated these metrics as part of our goal to generate data to achieve our goal of client comfort, but had to move away because of memory and processing power. Before the days of big data......smile.

Working on this goal provides immediate savings in reducing call outs before temperature complains occur.

I applaud the Comfy interactive approach and offering comfort as a service.

Temerature Comfort Factor





I was moderator of this great session - Intelligent Buildings Track: Big Data and Cybersecurity – Insights, Opportunities and Challenges

How can builders, developers, facility managers and others use data and data analytics to run buildings better? In order to recognize value, operators need to get the right information from the building systems and equipment, along with real-time analytics to bridge the gap between the operational layer and the business layer. This session will demonstrate how to identify, collect, integrate, manage, and understand building data -- and how to turn it into actionable information. Hear from subject matter experts about how operational data,analytics, trending and diagnostics can result in better operating decisions. Delegates will also learn about the impact of advanced data analytics on the customer experience and the bottom-line. All delegates attending this session will receive the Executive Summaries of the CABA Landmark Research Report “Intelligent Buildings and Cybersecurity” and the“Intelligent Buildings and Big Data”.

Reliable Controls Moderator:Ken Sinclair, Founder/Publisher/Owner – AutomatedBuildings.com
Igor Mezic, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, Co-Founder – Ecorithm, Inc.
Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing – Lynxspring Inc. & Connexx Energy
Frederic Bastien, Co-Founder & CEO – mnubo
John Petze, Partner, CEM – SkyFoundry, LLC

The Challenge: Improved Organizational Productivity through Improved Environments Organizational productivity is the efficiency with which an organization operates and the balance between input costs and output values. Productivity improves when costs are reduced or when outputs increase in value. Organizations spend approximately 10 times more for the staff who do the work than for the buildings they work in. Making the right choice of environmental  conditions can benefit an organization if it supports the employees, and can provide a double benefit if it also saves energy. Conversely, building conditions (even energy-saving ones) that create discomfort or add barriers to effective work can be costly for both the building operators and tenants.



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