March 2004

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Tish Smith, Director of Client Services, Clasma Inc.Buildy Awards Program FAQ

EMAIL INTERVIEW  Tish Smith & Ken Sinclair

Tish Smith, is Director of Client Services, Clasma Inc. Tish has built her career in the building controls and technology industries practicing the full range of marketing communications functions for small and large companies. From trade show and event planning and execution to advertising, public relations and collateral development, Tish's experience demonstrates to clients the vast reach of a well-executed marketing plan.

Sinclair:  What is Buildy?

Smith:  The Buildy Awards are a new initiative to recognize key contributors to the building systems industry, contributors who make the vision of integrated and intelligent buildings a step to reality.

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Sinclair:  Who is giving out the Buildy Award?

Smith:  Buildy Awards will be presented at the BuilConn Awards Gala Dinner and are sponsored by BuilConn, but the selection of the recipient is made significantly by BuilConn attendees. Buildy Awards are thus recognition by the industry.

Sinclair:  Can anyone be nominated?

Smith:  Yes, you may nominate yourself or you may nominate others.

Sinclair:  What is the "Vision" award?

Smith:  The Vision award will be awarded to an individual who best represents the vision of intelligent and integrated buildings. The recipient would have been a significant advocate of making the vision a reality.

Sinclair:  What type of individual would you see being nominated for the Vision award?

Smith:  This could be quite wide, as it could be an individual from a vendor, an association, an integrator, a consultant or even an end user. The important thing here is that the individual had gone beyond the call of duty in helping the industry move forward and deliver great buildings.

Sinclair:  What is the "Best Integration Project" award?

Smith:  The award will be given to a Systems Integrator who has demonstrated the ability to deliver upon the dream of true, multi-discipline integration using open systems technology as well as the corporate IT infrastructure.

Sinclair:  Does the project need to be complete?

Smith:  The project needs to be substantially complete; the important issue here is the scope of the project with respect to integrating the many systems found in buildings. Also important is that the Integrator must demonstrate that they are able to deliver such projects.

Sinclair:  What is the "Best New Product" award?

Smith:  The award will be given to the manufacturer who has created and brought to market a product or service that has contributed to making the task of integrating just that much better or easier.

Sinclair:  Does the product have to be new and released?

Smith:  Yes. New meaning it having been released to market within the past 12 months. The product may be hardware, software or a service but it must be available to purchase on the date of the Award Gala, April 15, 2004.

Sinclair:  What is the "Best Building" award?

Smith:  This will go to an owner and/or consultant that has created an intelligent building that best demonstrates the vision of intelligent buildings.

Reliable Controls Sinclair:  Must the building be completed?

Smith:  Appreciating that many buildings take some time to be truly complete, the measure here is that a significant amount of the building must be occupied.

Sinclair:  Will the Buildy Awards be given out every year?

Smith:  Yes, the awards are intended to be given out at the Awards Gala Dinner on the concluding night of BuilConn as a way for the industry to continually recognize contributors to this dynamic market.

Sinclair:  Can someone be nominated for more than one award?

Smith:  Yes, a company or individual could be nominated for multiple awards.

Sinclair:  What information must be provided with a nomination?

Smith:  Initially, the details of the nomination and the person nominating is required, and a form is available on the BuilConn web site ( ). If the nomination is accepted then the nominee will be contacted for additional information, pictures and any other relevant supporting material.

Sinclair:  Who accepts the nominations?

Smith:  The members of the BuilConn Advisory Board, Technology Board and Industry Board.

Sinclair:  Who will actually vote for the winners?

Smith:  Each BuilConn attendee will be provided with one voting slip. The votes will be cast on the first day of BuilConn at the Expo.

Sinclair:  Do winners have to be present to win?

Smith:  Nominees must be present or have a representative present to win.

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