March 2007

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EMAIL INTERVIEW  Marc Petock & Ken Sinclair

Interview with Marc Petock, Director of Marketing, Tridium, Inc.

Vykon Security

It is the first security system to be built entirely on the NiagaraAX® Framework and can connect seamlessly to any building automation system.

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Sinclair: I’ve been hearing some good things about your new security application. Can you tell me about it?

Petock: You bet. Vykon Security is our new, web-based access control and alarm monitoring security system that provides for the integrated management of access control, alarm monitoring and personnel credential management via any standard web browser. It is the first security system to be built entirely on the NiagaraAX® Framework and can connect seamlessly to any building automation system.

Sinclair: Why do facilities need access control systems in the first place?

Petock: Ken there are several reasons. Here are a few----physical protection of assets; avoidance of costly key replacement / lock replacement when employees leave the company; ability to obtain an electronic record of who accessed the building and when they did; to provide for a more “personalized integration” of the building automation system and to reduce workplace hazards by keeping unauthorized personnel out of high risk areas.

Sinclair: Why did Tridium develop a Security application?

Petock: There are several reasons. First, the integration of security with the other building systems makes sense in today’s world of open and interoperability. Second, we see this application as a natural extension to our highly successful BAS and energy management solutions. Third, our OEM, System Integrator and building owner partners wanted a low cost, easy to deploy, web-based access control system that could be used at small and medium facilities and could integrate with existing building automation systems. In addition, they wanted a system that was designed for quick installation, offered reduced on-site costs, expandability and required minimal training.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Sinclair: What types of facilities are good fits for your access product?

Petock: Education facilities including both K-12 schools and universities, office parks, small and medium sized office buildings and manufacturing sites, C-Stores and religious facilities.

Sinclair: How is the product offered in the marketplace?

Petock: Right now, Vykon Security is offered through our existing Vykon distribution channel. In addition, the application is available to OEMs who are using it to develop and market their own branded security offerings.

Sinclair: What are some of the technical features?

Petock: The heart of the solution is an advanced Security Appliance; an IP based controller that eliminates the need for on-site PC’s and is capable of storing thousands of credentials and controlling multiple doors. Some of the other features built into the product includes widespread IT connectivity; a Web User Interface that serves rich presentations and live data to a browser; an embedded platform with no client software to manage; an intuitive, real time alarm and activity monitoring console; support for Anti-Passback and Time and Attendance and the connectivity to any BAS system via BACnet®, LonWorks®, Modbus®, and oBIX. In addition, we’ve included an easy-to-use guided wizard setup that walks the installer through the basic steps required for setup and commissioning.


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