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New BACnet/IP Sedona Field Controller

Provides Ideal BAS Solution

Kirk Clousson
Product Marketing Manager
Contemporary Controls

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Contemporary Controls’ new BAScontrol20 is a cost-effective BACnet/IP controller that provides a useful mix of eight universal inputs, four binary inputs, four binary outputs and four analog outputs. Models exist for both triac and relay binary outputs.  The device is ideal for unitary control or for expanding I/O points in the field via an Ethernet connection.

The controller utilizes a powerful 32-bit ARM7 processor with 512 kB of flash memory plus a 16 Mbit serial flash file system for storing configuration data and an application program. By operating at the BACnet/IP level, the BAScontrol20 can share the same Ethernet network with supervisory controllers and operator workstations. The unit can be configured for a fixed IP address or can operate as a DHCP client receiving its IP address from a DHCP server. A real-time clock with a super-cap backup allows for creating local schedules.   The controller is ideally suited for structured wiring systems and is BACnet/IP compliant with a B-ASC device profile.

Powered by Sedona Framework™

With its 20-points, the BACnet/IP Sedona Field Controller incorporates Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) technology.  System integrators using the device can develop control applications with Workbench’s powerful drag-and-drop visual programming methodology and tools such as Niagara Workbench or Sedona Workbench.  Once developed, the program remains stored in the BAScontrol20 and executes by way of the SVM.  The application can run standalone or interact with a program in a JACE supervisory controller over Ethernet.  The amount of potential applications is unlimited.  

Tridium’s Sedona 1.2 kits of components are included in the BAScontrol20 — as well as Contemporary Controls’ product specific kits.  The Kit components interface physical points to Sedona wire sheets plus providing eight virtual points to a BACnet client and four retentive counters.  For remote Ethernet I/O applications, the unit can be configured with minimal effort using a simple web browser.    

With its 48 web components, from its Web Kit, the device allows the viewing or writing of Sedona wire sheet points using just a web browser.  The Web Kit shares data with onboard user designed webpages.  This allows for data interaction with Sedona valuables without the need of a Workbench Tool. Input components receive data from hosted webpages. Output components send data to hosted webpages.

Convenient Web Pages

An overview of all real and virtual points is provided through the main web page. Points can be temporary written by entering a value into one of the points.  The main webpage provides viewing of all webpages and the separate web pages allow for the configuration of up to 48 web components. Web components provide a means to write and read data to and from Sedona wire sheets without the need of a Workbench tool. A web component configured as a wire sheet input can have its input range restricted to minimum and maximum values eliminating the need to add limit detection within the wire sheet logic.

BAScontrol20 More BAScontrol20 Features and Benefits

The BAScontrol20 is in our BASautomation-Building on BACnet product family. For more information, visit our BAScontrol20 product page at

BAScontrol20 Support Material and Videos

To demonstrate the BAScontrol20's flexibility, Contemporary Controls has published an application note that describes the process of creating an application called a Web Thermostat using both standard and custom Sedona components and web pages.  Application Note 

Contemporary Controls has several new videos about the newly released BAScontrol20 and Sedona Framework.

The Introduction to the BAScontrol20 video introduces the BAScontrol20 — a 20-point Powered by Sedona Framework field Controller — and its many features. The unit is a flexible, freely-programmable controller that is BACnet/IP compatible and web page configurable.

In addition to the introductory video, Contemporary Controls has started a new video series about using Sedona Framework™ and the BAScontrol20.

Installing Sedona Kits to the BAScontrol20 the first video in the BAScontrol20 Series, demonstrates a simple drag-and-drop method of kit installation using Niagara Workbench and files downloadable from the Contemporary Controls website.

A second video, Saving and Restoring Sedona Programs shows how to use Niagara or Sedona Workbench to save and restore a simple Sedona program running on a BAScontrol20. Beyond saving and restoring a program, the example also details many helpful actions that are relevant to various Sedona tasks. These include opening a device, opening Sedona, selecting and moving components, accessing and opening Sedona Palette, dragging components from Sedona kits to a wiresheet, connecting and enabling components, accessing Sedona Tools and the Application Manager — where executing a Get and a Put accomplishes the respective save and restore.

Learn more about our products online or download our BASautomation product catalog.

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