November 2020

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Hub & Spoke Workplaces: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Memoori Published: October 13th, 2020
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It is over six months since we published our March 19th article — COVID-19, the World’s Biggest Remote Working Experiment is Underway — and the workplace is still in flux. Around the world, companies have one eye on bringing employees back to the office and the other on the potential of distributed workforces in the post-COVID era. The last six months have been a period of reflection and employers must now tap into the new mindsets within their workforce before they select a strategy for the new world ahead.

In a survey by the Harris Poll and CBRE of 1,000 US office workers, 62% appreciated the money they saved working remotely, 58% appreciated not having a dress code and 55% liked not having to commute. In fact, 56% of respondents now say they want a flexible remote environment vs just 37% before the pandemic. Most people don’t want 100% remote work, however. A survey by Gensler showed that only 12.0% said they wanted to work remotely full-time, while iQ Offices and JLL surveys reported 93% and 94% wanting a traditional office augmented with flexible working options.

In response to the issue, the ‘hub and spoke’ model has emerged as a potential solution, or at least as a widespread buzz-term, in the commercial real estate sector. Hub and spoke describes a distributed workplace model that combines a central hub office with smaller spoke offices strategically located near popular residential areas. For most hub and spoke applications, remote working is included as another level of “spoke”, where employees have the flexibility to work in the hub office, a communal suburban office, or from home on any given day.

In response to the buzz, Memoori explores the good, the bad, and the ugly perspectives of the hub and spoke workplace model. Read in any order and make up your own mind:

The Good | The Bad | The Ugly



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