October 2008

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Ed TrohaEMAIL INTERVIEW  Ed Troha, Oren Feldmann & Ken Sinclair

Ed Troha, Director Global Marketing, ObjectVideo
Ed Troha is Director of Global Marketing for ObjectVideo, the global leader in the video analytics software space. His role there is twofold: While being responsible for ObjectVideo's brand, strategic messages and market positioning, he is equally responsible for the development of comprehensive OEM and Technology Partner programs that easily enable partners to include ObjectVideo technology in a wide variety of end user environments. He is particularly focused on how intelligent video can be more effectively leveraged in the critical infrastructure, retail, transportation and banking areas. In addition to his strong creative abilities, he brings more than 20 years of direct sales and marketing experience in technology products and services.


Oren Feldmann, VP Marketing and Sales EVT
Feldmann has over six years experience in the high tech industry, specializing in surveillance technology. Feldmann served as marketing manager of Mango DSP, where he successfully implemented an aggressive marketing strategy that resulted in increasing the company's global market share of the homeland security video market. Previously, Feldmann served in the surveillance department of the Israeli Prime Minister Office.


OV Ready Intelligent Video Ready Protocol

OV Ready is an XML-based intelligent video network protocol that standardizes ObjectVideo analytic rule, alert and configuration communications.

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Sinclair:  Can you please tell us a little about OV Ready Intelligent Video Ready Protocol?

Troha:  OV Ready is an XML-based intelligent video network protocol that standardizes ObjectVideo analytic rule, alert and configuration communications. It enables seamless interoperability between any ObjectVideo® OnBoard™-enabled device and any OV Ready-compliant system. In other words, OV Ready allows technologies that have been embedded with OnBoard intelligence capabilities, such as CCTV cameras, to talk to a wide variety of compatible video management systems, physical security information management (PSIM) systems and other third party systems.

Sinclair:  What does this mean for the end-user?

Troha:  It means they can pick and choose the best technologies to meet their needs. For instance, businesses can manage their security monitoring on a system they’re already accustomed to. The end-users also now have a wider variety of choices when it comes to suppliers.

Sinclair:  How does it benefit your partners?

Feldmann:  For us, being a partner in the OV Ready Application Partner Network helps us meet our goal of delivering more flexible and innovative solutions to our customers. Our customers can choose the components that best meet their needs for a complete analytics solution.

As video analytics protocols are being standardized in the market, customers are increasingly looking for solutions that offer maximum flexibility and provide best of breed solutions for each scenario. The OV Ready integration enables EVT's video management software to receive alerts from any OV Ready device, via the easiest integration path.

contemporary Sinclair:  Has EVT felt the benefits of this partnership already?

Feldmann:  The benefits of having many edge devices that support ObjectVideo OnBoard solutions has always been felt by EVT due to the early stage of cooperation between the two companies. The benefits of this program are clear; it reduces complicated integrations while offering our customers a wider variety of choices.

Sinclair:  Are other companies forging these kinds of partnerships as well?

Troha:  As a matter of fact, the trend is very much moving in this direction. Many companies in the security industry are developing partnerships and interoperable technologies. The upshot is more choices and more efficient products for the end-user.

Sinclair:  Is this indicative of the direction video analytics is headed?

Troha:  Yes. Video analytics are becoming much more functional and cost-effective. This is another example of business making analytics available through existing systems. Video analytics has become a value-added component of CCTV infrastructure, so it is possible to purchase true intelligent analytics capabilities as a feature of mainstream CCTV hardware components such as: cameras; IP video encoders; IP routers; and DVRs, NVRs, and video management platforms. Today’s businesses are reaping value from analytics by making their people, processes and infrastructure more efficient.


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