September 2017

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Control Solutions, Inc

How Can Lighting Manufacturers Grow their Business and Expand their Profits - If you produce and sell luminaires and/or lamps, you have an immediate opportunity to add a Smart Lighting Control (SLC) system to your portfolio to increase your top line sales. - Erik Davidson, Director of Marketing & Product Management, Cortet by CEL

Project-Haystack  There has been a tremendous amount of activity by the community that has made 2017 a highly successful year for Project-Haystack. - John Petze, Executive Director,

Master Systems Integrators (MSI)  They make sure all systems communicate properly, coordinate all project participants, collaborate with building owners to ensure systems information will be accessible and usable, and they develop software layers responsible for integration, aggregation, and communication of the building systems. - Scott Cochrane is President and CEO, Cochrane Supply & Engineering, and Joe Napieralski, Co-Founder and Director of Development, Smart Building Services LLC.

PointGrab and Mapiq Integrate their Smart Building Technologies to Help Organizations Work Smarter and More Efficiently  PointGrab and Mapiq recently announced a technology partnership that will deliver building intelligence data in real-time to optimize space, reduce costs and drive efficiency. - Itamar Roth, Chief Business Officer, PointGrab & Sander Schutte, CEO, Mapiq

Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD)  Our industry is becoming much more virtual, meaning that in addition to buying pumps, motors, etc. and other physical equipment that can easily be specified, more and more software is coming into the marketplace that helps manage different aspects of the operations of a building. - Don Kasper, VP Operations, Ecorithm

Time Series Data Streams  Stay focused on the cloud applications - this is where the development work is still needed. - Edward H. Brzezowski, P.E., Vice President, Technology, Edison Energy

Goals, Challenges, and Design Solutions  In this facility, we’re integrating edge control, connected products, and applications, analytics and services to enhance the facility’s automation and energy management capabilities. We have devices at the control layer that all feed up to the application layer to give us a view into specific systems and the entire facility ecosystem. - Tony Johnson, Site Leader, Schneider Electric

Cardinal IoT Cardinal IoT is built on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) open platform. The solution includes three critical “things,” the first of which starts with the end devices, which in this case are wireless, self powered sensors that exist at the “edge.” - Cory Vanderpool, Director of Business Development, Magnum Energy Solutions

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