Press Release - August 2002
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Watt Stopper Announces New HB High Bay Occupancy Sensors 

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Control Lights in High Mount Areas

SANTA CLARA, CA - The Watt Stopper announces the new HB High Bay Occupancy Sensor, designed to control lights in high mount applications such as warehouses. Featuring a lens that provides reliable coverage from a wide range of mounting heights, the passive infrared sensor turns lights on and off based on occupancy and installs directly to industrial T8 or T5 fixtures or to electrical junction boxes. 

Modular by design, the HB consists of a power module (line or low voltage) and a control module. The unique lens features a 2:1 ratio that allows for a coverage distance twice that of the size of the mounting height (up to 40 feet high). For example, at a mounting height of 40 ft, the sensor covers a linear distance of 80 feet. 

Features include an adjustable time delay, contractor friendly terminal style wiring, which simplifies installation, Pulse Count Processing and Detection Signature Analysis to eliminate false triggers, and Zero Crossing Circuitry to reduce relay stress and lengthen sensor life. In addition, the sensor features a single-pole, double-throw isolated relay for interfacing with HVAC, BAS, or for HID lighting, when used with The Watt Stopper DM bi-level HID controller. 

The HB sensors offer the flexibility to work in a variety of high mount applications, including warehouses, high bays, and any other high ceiling area. The HB can also be easily factory integrated into a wide range of high bay fluorescent fixtures. For more information, please contact The Watt Stopper.


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