Press Release - February 2002
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New low-cost LonWorks communication module released

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Control Solutions, Inc Halmstad, Sweden -- IntelliCom, a leading company in Scandinavia within consulting and custom product development for the Building/Industrial automation market, offers a new LonWorks communication product.

The embedded plug-on module is ideal for applications where a low-cost, simple and small LonWorks interface is needed and fast time to market is critical.

The new embedded OEM communication module acts as a communication interface between a LonWorks network and an automation product, such as energy meters, ventilation devices, motor drives etc.

Through a 3 pins serial interface, the module connects to the microprocessor of the field device (customer product).

The module fully supports the LonTalk protocol according to the ANSI/EIA 709.1 standard. The physical network connection complies with the FTT-10A physical media standard at 78 kbit/s. The communication module for LonWorks is designed according to the guidelines of the LonMark organization and is ready to support any LonMark profile.

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