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Novar Controls Introduces Its 962 Supervisor and 915 CE Handheld: Web-Based Client/Server Software Supports Web Browsers and Microsoft CE Mobile Devices

Copley, OH - Winter 2002 - Novar Controls' Web-based client server software allows building managers to communicate with the Novar Controls' IQ Family building control system regardless if they're on the roof or half-way around the world.

The capabilities of the Novar Controls' 962 Supervisor software enables operators to use Web browsers to monitor and command system operation via the Internet or facility-wide intranets. This eliminates the need to have proprietary software installed on every workstation that is used for interacting with the Novar Controls' IQ Family. The 962 Supervisor provides a familiar and convenient method for building managers and system users to interact with the system, without vendor specific control system expertise.

Novar Controls' epiCenter™, epiLoad™ and epiMeter™: The Epitome of Savings

Novar Controls now has the ability to offer customers the opportunity and technology to integrate their controls with electrical equipment to reduce on-site installation time. This is accomplished through the epiCenter, which houses building controls and meters such as epiLoad and epiMeter, eliminating the need for separately mounted contractor and relay panels.

contemporary epiCenter: 'A space conscious, total solutions package.'
Novar Controls' epiCenter integrates electrical distribution, environmental control, energy management, monitoring and power quality for single- or multi-site projects. epiCenter is controlled by Novar Controls' Logic One®, Novar's energy infosystem.

epiLoad: Several Lighting Controls - One Panelboard
epiLoad lighting control equipment provides circuit protection, switching and control in the same space as a traditional panelboard, replacing the need for separately mounted or multi-pole lighting contactor and relay panels. epiLoad contains the features associated with a lighting panelboard, including remote operated circuit breakers. And thanks to its Class 2 chassis, it is designed to house Novar Controls' NCH-1000 lighting controller.

epiMeter: Software to Control Your Peak Point
By installing epiMeter software into an epiCenter, building managers have the ability to monitor and control their buildings peak demand.
  This can be done two ways - either by shedding loads or changing the peak point to a pre-determined alternative setpoint. epiMeter provides revenue grade information to ensure total accuracy.

Hawki® Advanced: Stand-Alone Mode Increases Control

Hawki® Advanced, Novar Controls' most recent addition to its product line, can be programmed to operate independently as a stand-alone Air-Handling Unit (AHU) Controller or as part of a larger energy management system.

Thanks to an internal clock and RS-232 access port, Hawki Advanced's temperature setpoints and time-of-day schedules can be directly programmed through an executive controller or a computer in hyper-terminal mode. 

Novar Controls Introduces Its IQ Family Freely programmable controllers act independently of a building manager

Building on its reputation as a leading energy infosystem provider to the HVAC industry, Novar Controls announces its IQ Family to support the needs of the sophisticated building controls market.

The IQ Family consists of freely programmable controllers, enabling them to act independently of a building manager. Its flexibility in size allows it to support all application requirements, from single stand-alone sites, to complex multi-site networks.

The Novar Controls' IQ Family consists of: · The 210 Series - Monitors, controls and networks plant functions such as chillers, fan coils or Variable Air Volume (VAV) units. · The 220 Series - Ideal for controlling smaller buildings such as schools and banks, the IQ 220 provides the same power and flexibility of larger controllers but with reduced input/output (I/O) configurations. · IQ 251 - For large boilers/chillers of plant rooms with complex control and/or monitoring needs, the 251 is able to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

Novar Controls Introduces Its New IQ-SBS: The First Web Based Monitoring, Integrated Control System for Small Buildings

Novar Controls introduces its IQ-SBS, an economical and easy-to-use integrated, intelligent building system that brings HVAC and lighting control, card access control and security monitoring to small buildings. The web-based monitoring system features patent-pending automatic configuration technology that eliminates costly engineering and programming typically associated with advanced control systems. Novar Controls' IQ-SBS also features multimedia alarming, keeping a service contractor or your building manager informed via e-mail, cell phone or pager when problems occur.

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