Press Release - February 2002
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Sustainable Building 2002 International Conference September 23-25 2002 Oslo, Norway


Hosted by: The Norwegian EcoBuild Program and the Municipality of Oslo

  The Challenge The Knowledge The Solutions 

Since the first international Green Building Conference in 1998 (Vancouver), this conference has become a renowned institution, and has widened its scope from green buildings to sustainable buildings. The Sustainable Building Conference 2000 (Maastricht) focused on environmental sustainability in the building sector. 

The main conclusion from the Maastricht event was that a sustainable agenda operates on scales of materials, buildings and urban regions, and must thereby include consideration of functional, social, economic and ecological factors. Strategy for reaching a sustainable built environment must reflect varied, regional conditions and priorities, and different models for implementation; think global and act local.

Industry is starting to take up sustainability as part of mainstream business. However, there is a need for continuous active governmental involvement in establishing a sustainable built environment. 

One of the recommendations from Maastricht was that Sustainable Building 2002 in Oslo should give extra attention to urban issues, materials, social and economic issues and also to developing countries. In the planning of the forthcoming Oslo event, we have tried to emphasis this recommendation and the preliminary program reflects this resolution. 

We look forward to 23-25 September in Oslo, knowing that the Sustainable Building Conferences represents important steps towards a more sustainable world. 

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