February 2010
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Smart Buildings Systems for Architects, Owners and Builders - Jim Sinopoli - Contributing Editor

Smart Buildings Systems for Architects, Owners and BuildersSmart Buildings Systems for Architects, Owners and Builders is a practical guide and resource for architects, builders, engineers, facility managers, developers, contractors, and design consultants. The book covers the costs and benefits of smart buildings, and the basic design foundations, technology systems, and management systems encompassed within a smart building. Unlike other resources, Smart Buildings is organized to provide an overview of each of the technology systems in a building, and to indicate where each of these systems is in their migration to and utilization of the standard underpinnings of a smart building. Written for any professional interested in designing or building smart Buildings systems, this book provides you with the fundamentals needed to select and utilize the most up to date technologies to serve your purpose. In this book, you'll find simple to follow illustrations and diagrams, detailed explanations of systems and how they work and their draw backs. Case studies are used to provide examples of systems and the common problems encountered during instillation. Some simple Repair and Trouble shooting tips are also included. After reading this book, builders, architects and owners will have a solid understanding of how these systems work which of these system is right for their project. Concise and easy to understand, the book will also provide a common language for ensure understanding across the board. Thereby, eliminating confusion and creating a common understanding among professionals.

The direct link to the book is http://www.elsevierdirect.com/product.jsp?isbn=9781856176538&dmnum=CWS1


Control SolutionsControl Solutions ValuPoint® and i.CanDrawIt

ValuPoint® VP4-23 MS/TP Controller
● 14 A/UI (0-10V, thermistor, dry contact)
● 6 DO (relay), 3 AO (4-20mA)
● Scheduling, data logging, alarm monitoring, COV
● Astronomical and battery backed real time clock
● 2MB non-volatile log fi le memory
● Freely programmable, graphical programming
● MS/TP client for peer to peer communication

For more information visit http://www.csimn.com/CSI_pages/Catalog2010.pdf

PureSpectrum introduces 3-phase step dimming ballast for commercial and industrial lighting

Easy to install, cost effective electronic ballast can lead to energy savings of as much as 77%

PureSpectrum introduces 3-phase step dimming ballast

The PureSpectrum 3-step dimmable ballast is designed for use with T8 linear fixtures and provides three distinct light levels – 10 percent, 40 percent and 100 percent – and can be retrofitted with existing fixtures with virtually no rewiring. Fixtures featuring PureSpectrum’s step dimmer are capable of low light level starts and maintain high Power Factor (higher than .09) throughout the dimming range.

For more information visit www.purespectrumlighting.com

Multiple Graphics eXpansion ModuleMatrox Announces Multiple Graphics eXpansion Module Support to Drive Even More Displays

Connect two Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go units directly into your system to achieve a four- or six-monitor workspace

A second GXM can now be connected to the secondary output of a supported dual monitor graphics card so two DualHead2Go GXMs can power up to four outputs in 2x2 or 4x1 modes, while two TripleHead2Go units can be combined to connect six displays to produce either a 3x2 or 6x1 set up.

For more information visit Matrox Graphics eXpansion Modules product pages or contact Matrox Graphics directly.


ICONICS announces FacilityWorX™

Open standards platform for integrating building automation systems.

ICONICS FacilityWorX enables facility managers to intelligently reduce cost, increase security, improve alarm response time and achieve better energy efficiency. FacilityWorX provides an open standards software integration platform for existing building automation systems to achieve a complete operational view of an entire building or campus. Integrate lighting, elevator, boiler, chiller, fire, generator, access control, and HVAC control systems into one easy-to-configure operational console. FacilityWorX communicates via BACnet, Modbus, JCI N1, SNMP, LonWorks and OPC with all major control systems.

Visit www.iconics.com/facilities for more information.

Ezhometech announces EZTBox III for IPTV WMV9/VC1 and H264 market.

EZTBox plays videos with Marquee and Pictures playlist in the internet/Intranet. EZTBox contains on Linux kernel 2.6, Ezhometech SSP 6.0, media player and Ezhometech Internet Browser (RIB4.0). It can support WMV9/VC1/H264/MPEG-4 AVC videos , JPEG, GIF, PNG and BITMAP formats pictures. Additional, EZTBox can support Live Video by RTP/UDP internet.

EZTBox has 5 parts in the screen layout. Streaming Videos/Local Videos: from Ezserver or internal/external storage.  Channel no. : When you switch channel, the channel no. will be displayed in 2 seconds.  Marquee : there are two marquees, one is for horizontal, the other is for vertical.  Picture Playlist : there are two picture playlists to show logo or advertisement.  Setup Menu : When you press Menu button of the remote control, a setup menu will show on the screen.

For more information visit http://www.ezhometech.com

Control Valve Primer, 4th Edition Control Valve Primer, 4th Edition
H.D. Baumann

This book is intended primarily for those novice instrument engineers who, even though they've been crammed full of feedback theory from their college control courses and consider themselves experts in computer programming, are suddenly faced with the challenge of designing a loop in a process plant.

This easy-to-read text: provides shortcuts through complex sizing and noise calculation formulas; gives practical advice on how to apply control valves for safety, reduced energy costs, and easy maintenance.

Please go to the ISA website from more details, pricing, and to order www.isa.org/books.

Smart Grid compatible Z-Wave wireless controllerBuLogics introduces the world’s first Smart Grid compatible Z-Wave wireless controller

BuLogics introduces the world’s first Smart Grid compatible Z-Wave wireless controller, bridging the wireless technology of Z-Wave Home Area Networks (HANs) to advanced metering infrastructures that utilize any wireless standard including ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) profile. This groundbreaking product features a U-SNAP expansion module for connectivity to ANY wireless standards.

Empowers Utilities by Making the Smart Grid Even Smarter: Supports ZigBee SE profile for Smart Grid metering ; Offers flexible connectivity to any wireless standard via U-SNAP expansion modules; Establishes direct dialogue with consumers for sharing of information; Saves money by allowing reduction of energy output during peak demand times in a smart and efficient way; Provides insight into consumer energy consumption patterns; Improves customer service levels; Facilitates flexible and creative pricing programs; Enhances tracking of carbon footprint.

For more information visit http://www.bulogics.com/smartgrid.html

Elk ProductsElk Products, NEW! M1 Wireless Receiver for use with Honeywell Wireless Transmitters

The ELK-M1XRF2H is a Wireless (RF) Receiver and Input Expander for use with the ELK-M1 and ELK-M1EZ8 Controls. This receiver supports up to 144 wireless zones (e.g. transmitter sensors or points). It is compatible with Honeywell 5800 Series one way transmitters, including door/window sensors, motion detectors, smoke/heat detectors, and keyfobs. Multiple ELK-M1XRF2H receivers can be installed to provide coverage for larger areas.

For more information, visit www.elkproducts.com




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